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  • isCombatTransport

    • Please confirm this applies only to sea transport.

    • I assume defaults to true?

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    @mahks It can be used only for sea units that are transports (they need to have a set transport capacity, that can be 0, just not absent (being able to transport 0 is not the same thing as not being a transport)).
    Everything defaults to false.
    You use this option to exclude specific transports from being affected by properties affecting transports. Practically, this is an option to exempt a property true from applying to the units having the option true.

    Examples are avoiding the specific transport unit to be defenceless or unable to take convoy zones, when those related properties are true. Not sure if there is a full list of all properties for which this option applies (maybe a developer can delve in the code and make the list, to assure not missing any).

  • OK, thanks.

    But are you 100% on the default being false?

    The standard transport seems to not have this option attached and it can be used as fodder, is that correct?
    If so that would mean it defaults to true.

    There are some options that do default to true, so far I have found: canDieFromReachingMaxDamage, rocketsCanFlyOver, canMoveThroughCanals & canMoveIntoDuringCombatMove. not many but seems I need to check...

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    @mahks All things are default false.
    The default of TripleA is supposed to be v1 (Classic), but this is not 100% consistent.
    As I said, being a transport doesn't limit you by default, but there are a series of properties that do, not only limited to being defenceless.
    I would need a developer to confirm, but I believe this option is useless at default rules (all properties false). It is not that at default you can combat as a transport because that option is default true; you can because transports can, so there is no use in specifying that you can.
    Basically, having "is combat transport" false doesn't mean you are not a transport able to combat; having it true assures that you are.

    Those options that you believe are default true I believe are set true by other options, but I need a developer to confirm this.

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    An example of isCombatTransport is say for a combat cruiser that also can carry units. This option excludes the unit from being treated as a standard transport and to be treated as a combat unit as it applies to following.

    "Ignore Transport In Movement" - applies to standard transports
    "Transport Casualties Restricted" - applies to standard transports
    "Transport Restricted Unload" - applies to isCombatTransport and standard transport (99% sure)

    There might be couple more of transport related items in the propertyList.

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    @general_zod I think it is really needed a developer making a full list of all properties influenced by "isCombatTransport".

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    Sure if one decides to look, it would be ideal. But there's no guarantee one will.

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    Generally, isCombatTransport makes it so the transport is treated like a normal ship is most/all circumstances that involve battles/movement instead of like transports. Even looking through the code would be difficult to determine exactly which properties it affects and would take some time.

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