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    TripleA War Club Ladder Rules:

    (last review and update: 02 January 2008)
    References in these rules to Administrator, Moderator, or Rules Committee refer to the following persons:

    ---->Original Admin/Mods and THE Triple Entente for any Major Rule changes:
    o Clausewitz
    o GSH34
    o Pz V
    ----> Active Admin/Mods on as of date:
    o Clausewitz
    o crazy Ivan
    o TheTrooper
    o turambar

    #1 Match Format
    A match consists of two games played between player A and player B. In game 1 player A is the Axis while player B is the Allies. In game 2, player A is the Allies and player B is the Axis. It is suggested that both games be played simultaneously to speed up play.

    The winner of each game is determined by the player to reach 9 Victory Cities at the end of the USA turn.
    The following will be used in the matches:

    o Axis & Allies 4ed Standard Rules and/or Low Luck rules (these options are selected in the Edit Profiles link on the Ladder Index to alert other players what your preference is--you can always play Std Rules if you select LL, its just to let other players know your Preference). You also need to check the Game Options tab on the opening menu of the TripleA game engine as well.

    o on the as of date, the current stable version is TripleA v
    ---> Most players download the most recent Stable version once it becomes available for both PBEM and Lobby play. Check here for the most current stable version: http://sourceforge.net/projects/triplea .

    o Axis bid amount is 9 IPC. These IPC may be spent on units which can be placed on the board prior to game start. The IPC may be split between Germany and Japan in any way. The only restriction is that no more than one unit may be placed per territory and naval units must be placed in a sea zone containing naval units of the same nation type. Placement of naval units in empty sea zones or placement of German naval units with Japanese naval units (and vice versa) is not allowed. Unspent IPC's from the bid can be divided up between Germany and Japan for spending in future turns as the Axis player desires.

    o The Territory Turn Limit Option is in effect so this box under the Options tab must be checked prior to starting a game. Territory Turn Limit (TTL) is used to cap the total amount of IPCs that can be loss per territory through Rocket Strikes and Strategic Bombing Raids (SBR).

    o Taking advantage of bugs, cheating, questions about the rules, crashed games, or newly discovered bugs which give one of the players a benefit will have to be sent to the rules committee for adjudication.

    o It is strictly forbidden to attack the enemies capital with ground units until after that power's first turn. However, strategic bombing raids and attacks with aircraft only are allowed.

    o The person with the higher rating in a challenge shall decide if tech is available to be rolled. In the event of both players having the same rating, the person receiving the challenge shall decide if technology is available to be rolled. It is either available for the whole game, or not at all.

    o In cases where challenges were made and games WERE NOT started prior to one player deleting their account, the matches will be deleted and no points will be awarded.

    o In cases where challenges were made and games WERE started prior to one player deleting their account, the matches will be valid and points will be awarded to the opposing player(s).

    ---o Irony or the MARTI dice servers are both the officially recognized servers to make dice rolls for the game. This is to keep honest people honest, there is no implication that anyone here cheats. There are occasions where computers lock up during a dice roll or a player forgets to turn off their firewall prior to making their dice rolls preventing results from reaching the TripleA game. In these cases the following will apply:

    o The FIRST time/date stamp result from Irony is the official roll in case of duplicate rolls.
    o Battles resolved prior to the lockup (if the game was not saved after these battles) should be re-rolled in local so that the net result is the same as the original result.
    o In cases where the lockup occurred during a battle, the opponent can choose to have a neutral player (administrator) roll the dice or allow the player whose computer locked up to re-roll the dice using irony. But it is the opposing players choice.

    ---o It is expected that in certain types of battles, an order of losses (OOL) is requested unless both players agree beforehand on something different. These battles include:

    o Defending multi-national forces
    o Defending land units where a bomber is present
    o Defending subs when enemy naval units are present
    o Defending naval units if more than one type is present
    If there is any doubt outside a typical battle, ensure you get an OOL from your opponent before beginning the battle!
    Here is some more on OOL protocol:

    1. You MUST ask the defender for an OOL prior to rolling any dice if it is a situation that calls for an OOL, and

    2. You MUST go through the attack once an OOL has been given. The OOL is because normally you would sit at same table and during attack the other player would be there to remove units...for example: if you're goal is to kill a transport of the other guy, and then ask for an OOL and he decides he will keep it at all costs knowing eventually he will win out, then the attacker can not then decide he won't attack at all.

    The best way to ensure there is no issue here: set up and finish all your combat moves and then send the file back to your opponent and add OOL at the end of the game file and in the e-mail ask for his OOL. Then once they reply, you can begin the combat.

    #2 Joining the Ladder
    To register, click on the Join link. Use the same nickname that you use in the war club forum. This prevents mix-ups and provides a good communication structure. A valid email address is required in order to receive/accept challenges and report game results. E-mail addresses can be periodically checked by the Admin/Mods. All new players joining the Ladder begin with a rating of 1000 points. Also on this page is a tutorial on how to use the ladder.

    Next go to the Edit Profiles link. This is an important page because this is where a player's challenge slot can be opened or closed (a player's challenge slot begins open at the time of registration). The game version can also be selected. Currently there are two: 4ed Standard Rules with Low Luck and 4ed Standard rules without Low Luck. Either or both options can be selected. Note that selecting only one version of the game to play will not allow challenges to other players that have only selected the other version of the game to play.

    #3 The Challenge System
    Making a challenge requires logging into the ladder. Click on the Index link, type in your password, and select your user name from the drop down list.

    Once logged in, click on the Challenge link. There is another link called Challenges but this one only shows the active challenges.
    At the top is text showing the number of challenges made in excess of those received and if a challenge can be made. The ladder only allows a player to make challenges if the total number of challenges made to other players does not exceed the total number of challenges accepted from other players by two(2) (Note that this is Total challenges--even if you play 50 games, the difference can never be greater than 2). This forces players to accept challenges from lower rated players if they want to continue challenging higher rated players.

    Clicking the drop down arrow shows a list of opponents to challenge. A player will show up on the list provided all of the following conditions are true:

    o The challenged player has his challenge slot open
    o Both players have selected the same game version

    Challenges MUST be accepted if EITHER of the following two conditions is met:

    o The absolute difference between the players ratings is <= 500
    o The difference in position on the ratings board is <=3 places. That is a player ranked 4th could always challenge players in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd positions on the ratings board regardless of their relative scores.

    It is possible that no-one will be listed in the box. This is not an error. It is because no other players meet the conditions for a valid challenge at this time.

    Once a player is selected, clicking on the Calculate button shows how many points can be gained or lost for each game within the match. Because each match consists of 2 games, multiplying the points gained by 2 gives the maximum points gained (both games won) and multiplying the points lost by 2 gives the maximum points lost (both games lost).

    Clicking on the challenge button with another player selected will generate a challenge. An automatic email is sent to both players (the challenger and the challenged) informing them of the challenge.
    Please note that after you select Calculate, the screen will default the opponent listed back to the first available in alphabetical order. If you have calculated for points against someone further down the list, you must re-select the opponent's name BEFORE clicking the Challenge button.)

    ---> A Screenshot tutorial is here: http://tripleawarclub.org/ladder/howto/howtoladder.htm

    At that point the match may begin. The challenger sets up his Axis (placing bid units) and sends the move to the challenged player. The challenged player responds by making his Allied move (from the file sent by the challenger) and setting up his Axis (placing bid units). An opponent's email can be found under the Players link or in the challenging email sent by the ladder.

    Once a challenge is made, the challenge slots of BOTH players are closed. A player may reopen their slot at any time on the Edit Profiles page.

    There is no limit to the number of ongoing matches a player may have; however, it is strongly suggested that players limit their ongoing matches to 3 or less. There have been problems with players making/accepting too many challenges and then losing some of them because they were unable to make their moves in the required time (see #6 slow play penalty).

    #4 Reporting Game Results
    Completed games MUST be reported by the WINNING player and WILL be reported as soon as the winner is informed of the victory. Note: Only the WINNER can report a Win. If the Loser attempts to report a win, it will actually give them the Win.

    To report a game, click on the Report link. The reporting players name will be shown in the Winner box. To the right of this box is another box with a drop down arrow. Select the correct side (Axis or Allies) for the game. Next, click on the drop down arrow in the Loser box to select the player who lost (only players with unfinished challenges against the reporting player are shown). Finally click on the Report button.

    Mistakes made in reporting games can only be corrected by the administrators. So it is advisable to double check entries before clicking the Report button. If a mistake is made, please go to the TripleA War Club -> AA : Revised Ladder -> Problems section of the tripleawarclub.org forum at http://tripleawarclub.org/forums/index.php?showforum=2 and advise an Admin/Mod. Provide Name of players, Challenge ID number, and the problem.

    In addition, there is a User Rating link where the opponent can be given a 1 to 5 star rating based on how quickly their moves were made. Both players in a match may rate their opponent here.

    #5 Ratings System
    Calculation of new ratings uses the rating of both players at the moment the match begins. There is no influence from intermediate rating changes as a result of other matches.

    The formula for calculating the change in rating is:

    S = 75 + 75 * TANH ((Losers Rating - Winners Rating) / 300)

    S = the points gained are lost from the match. TANH is the Hyperbolic Tangent Function.


    PlayerA (rating 1500) loses game#1 to PlayerB (rating 1200). S is calculated as 75 + 75 * TANH ((1500 - 1200) / 300) = 132.

    However in game#2 (of the same match) PlayerA (original rating 1500) wins against PlayerB (original rating 1200). S is calculated as 75 + 75 * TANH ((1200 - 1500) / 300) = 18.

    Player A's new rating is 1500 - 132 + 18 = 1386
    Player B's new rating is 1200 + 132 - 18 = 1350

    Now suppose that Player A had won both games then the respective ratings are 1500 + 18 + 18 = 1536 for player A and 1200 - 18 - 18 = 1164 for Player B.

    Conversely if Player B had won both games then the respective ratings are 1500 - 132 - 132 = 1236 for Player A and 1200 + 132 + 132 = 1464 for Player B.

    In addition to the above, every match completed gives each player +3 points. So to calculate the final rating you need to add 3 points to all of the above calculated results. This represents longevity and experience.

    Rank as a function of rating points:
    Field Marshall 2001 +
    General 1751 - 2000
    Colonel 1501 - 1750
    Major 1251 - 1500
    Captain 1001 - 1250
    Lieutenant 751 - 1000
    Sergeant 501 - 750
    Corporal 251 - 500
    Private 1 - 250

    #6 Slow Play Penalty
    The minimum number of moves required per match is TWO (2) per week. However, players should try to make at least 4 moves per week as a courtesy to their opponent. A move is defined as taking a turn in one of the games so making one move in the Allied game and one move in the Axis game counts as two moves.

    Delays (sickness, vacation, moving, etc.) must be reported in the TripleA War Club -> AA : Revised Ladder -> inactive players portion of the tripleawarclub.org forum. A player who is delayed is expected to notify all of their opponents by email. Failure to do this may result in loss of the match due to slow play.

    If an opponent is taking longer than 7 days to make two moves, a slow play warning may be sent by logging in to the ladder and clicking on the Challenges link. A list of players is displayed. An SP icon next to a name means the match is not finished and a slow play warning may be sent to that player. Clicking on the SP icon automatically generates an email sent to both players. In 3 days another email will be sent. In 7 days a final email will be sent telling both players that the match can be reported as a win for the warning player. Players can view the status of their slow play warnings by clicking on the Slowplay link.

    A player receiving a slow play warning can click on the link contained in the email to disable it. It is expected that disabling the warning means the player has sent their required moves.

    Players who are often inactive, receive many slow play warnings, or abuse the system (i.e. disable the warning without sending their moves) could have their account deleted by the administrators.
    Note that the Slow Play process does not automatically produce a Win or Loss, it is only a mechanism to alert the other player that you have been trying to contact them to complete a started game before you consider their non-response a forfeit.

    #7 Removal from the Ladder
    A player may delete their account in the Edit Profiles link. The account is removed from the board and no more challenges can be sent/received by that account.

    All ongoing matches by the player who deleted their account are lost. The other players gain the points from those matches as normal.

    After ninety days (90) of inactivity, a player's account can be deleted by the administrators. All relevant data is saved should a player decide to become active again at a later point in time (contact a Mod/Admin in the forums section if you are trying to return to the ladder with an inactivated account), but reactivation does result in some imperfections with that player’s ranking and points once reactivated compared to when it was deactivated, so this should be the exception and not the rule.

    #8 Rules Changes
    A player may submit a proposed rule change to the administrator. The proposal will be open for every member for discussion and voting in the "suggestions" topic of the war club forum. If a majority of the players voting agree to the proposal within 14 days of the posting, the proposal becomes a new rule. So it is possible that 3 people could vote out of 100 members and make a rule change.

    ///--END OF RULES--///

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