maxOperationalDamage - Resolved -

  • Anyone know the default value if attachment is absent?

    May be maxDamage, or could be 2 which is the default for maxDamage.

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    If this is absent, it simply won't give this attribute to the unit. This attribute simulates the threshold that a faciltiy is knocked out of commission via sbr, like an airfield or harbor no longer functional. Function being the additional movement they provide to other units or ship repair ability in this example. The facility will need to be repaired during the owners repair phase to be functional again.

    maxDamage is the value required to sbr the facility to destruction.

  • So if it is damaged and maxOperationalDamage was not configured,
    It will operate until destroyed
    It will no longer operate

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    @mahks If it isn't set then it operates until destroyed.

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