Good AI maps

  • Has anyone made a list of maps/scenarios that tend to work better with AI?

    Or is there an AI rating for games posted somewhere?

    For example some games I like:

    • star_trek_dilithium_war - AI does not do well (maybe caused by the resource system)
    • dragon_war - Also has a unique resource system, but AI seems to have units just not use them effectively.
    • caribbean_trade_war - Seems best for AI of all non-classical unit set maps I have tried.
    • neuschwabenland - By far the best I have found (maybe due to its classic unit set?)

  • Admin

    @mahks Essentially, the closer the map is to revised rules, the better the AI will play. That was the main map it was originally developed for. It does fairly well on similar A&A maps like classic/v3/v4/v5 and maps like NWO/WaW/TRS. It tends to do worse on any map that has non-PU resources, fuel, consumesUnits, lots of triggers, lots of units with AA type attacks, complex diplomacy, etc.

  • @mahks The AI performs pretty well on most maps. (I have 376 distinct scenarios on my computer). I generally play only 1 country with all others on AI. You can choose scenarios at random and generally find something interesting.

  • @rogercooper Another way to help the AI on maps with alliances is to modify the XML so the opposition has an extra member (2 vs 4) and give my ally a poor AI setting.

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