Hide Unused Options From Default Tooltips

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    I'm thinking it would be more polished if the tooltips don't give you stuff that is inactive.
    For example, I tend to think the "Air Attack" and "Air Defense" stats should not be present in the tooltips when they are useless. Like, in "World War II v3 1941", you always see them, in the tooltips, but you never use them, default. You use them only if you put on the "Raid May Be Preceeded By Air Battles" option (that I've never seen anyone using, in that game).
    I'm not talking about this case specifically, but more generally the engine testing if anything depends on a property being "true" to be used at all, and if none of those properties are true, then the info is not given in the tooltips.
    I'll clarify I consider this matter very unimportant and almost marginal, but I guess no reasons not to consider it.

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    @cernel Generally agree though its pretty marginal. If there are some examples that impact lots of maps then I'd consider improving them.

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    Yeah I agree. A alternate method for mapmaker of choosing what tooltips should be included would be nice. Something that keeps a default tooltip but more selective version of it. Versus a completely custom tooltip that requires update every time a change is made.

    However is low priority currently.

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    @general_zod Yeah. I considered this too. There are a bunch of other reasons, as well; for example, customized tooltips don't work with technology (if you have a map where a unit may get better for a tech, you can't really customize its tooltip).

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