Please VOTE -- single vs. double-elimination tournament format

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    Hi All - in the spirit of hosting the best Axis and Allies tournaments, we would like to seek your opinion about the tournament format. Here is a brief summary for you to consider:

    (1) Single-elimination tournaments are simply that; you lose once, and you're out. The advantage of a such a format is that the tournament generally moves a lot quicker, and each game carries significant weight. The disadvantage, of course, is that if you have some tough luck, or just narrowly lose to a weaker player, you don't continue any further. One could argue, however, that we can host more frequent tournaments, and that stronger players would rise to the top anyway.

    (2) Double-elimination tournaments naturally allow you a "second chance" to continue playing in the tournament until you lose twice. The disadvantage is that these tournaments move slower, but this could potentially be mitigated going forward by forcing the loser's bracket to play quicker, for example. The advantage is that even if you lose you first game, you still have a chance to continue playing, possibly with players at your relative skill level, and if you are an expert player you have a statistically better chance to advance to the finals, as a single "unlucky" loss won't eliminate you per se.

    We would like your opinion to select which tournament format you prefer, and please feel free to post any other comments that you believe are relevant to each format. We will genuinely seek the input of the players and consider this strongly in the format going forward.

    Cheers, Deltium

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