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  • Hello,

    Let me provide some background before I go on.

    I am playing on the World War II revised map (NOT the LHTR edition, just the basic one, because it is what my dad and I play). I alternate between playing US/UK/Russia with Germany/Japan on HARD and Germany/Japan with US/UK/Russia.

    Now, this is why it will be very difficult to convince me that the AI difficulty setting does not set some sort of dice advantage:

    Sea zone 5 contains 2 subs a transport and a destroyer. UK has 2 fighters and a bomber. When I play as Germany, the UK successfully destroys all 4 ships every turn. I have tried both strategies (submerging the 2 subs to save them or taking the 2 subs as turn 1 casualties to try and kill all 3 planes). When I play as UK, all 3 planes die every single time I attempt this attack, and usually only the transport ends up dead, occasionally the destroyer and bomber will get cross kills and just leave the 2 submerged subs. Not once have I had even a single plane alive with the 2 submerged subs entering my non-combat move. I use this example because it is the one battle that no matter which side I play as never changes, it has been 4 ships vs 3 planes 100% of the games I have played.

    So TLDR, please add an option for "real life dice resolve" where I can roll my dice IRL and input the results instead of having to finagle the edit mode. Thanks!

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    @darksend The AI does not get any dice bonuses as the dice roller does not consider whether a player is human or AI. You can always roll dice outside of TripleA and edit the results in over the computed results if you'd like but no real reason to do so unless you just like to roll dice.

    You probably just have a small sample size and have gotten unlucky a few times. Best thing to do is save right before doing said battle and then run the battle like 10-20 times and you should see the results begin to average out.

  • @redrum sorry but I just don't accept that. Also, my sample size is probably upwards of 75. I have done 5 or so games every night after work for the past month (I am VERY dedicated to beating my father in games). I realize this sounds like hyperbole, but I promise it is not. As I said in my OP, that is the one battle that is consistently the same on turn one no matter which faction I play as so I deliberatly use that as my measuring stick.

    Then there are battles like this. This is the norm, not the exception. I must be the most unlucky dice roller on earth. 0_1527453888275_ai cheats.png

    It just all adds up to be too unrealistic. I have won twice in 50 or more games that I actually took past turn 5, once as allies (on turn 18 or 19) and once as JUST Japan (with AI HARD Germany, that was in turn 40 something, although I eventually saved out and took manual control of Germany, probably would have been victory around turn 30 if I had done it sooner).

    Is there a way as a non dev to look at a save file and see how many times the AI rolled above and below average and same for the human players? Would be a real nice tool. Ideally, it would be on the screen in the above screenshot, it would say "Rolled at 2: (37% successes)" or something like that.

    Also is there a way to make the computer take more risks? For example the computer would never push 3 tanks in against 3 defending tanks, a true 50/50 battle, what is that threshold set at by default and where can one change it?

    Thanks for getting back to me so fast I know it sounds like I am complaining but I just have a hard time believing I can only win 2 games in over 50 tries, unless my dad is just SOOOO bad at the game that it makes me overconfident. I should probably add, I play on TOTAL VICTORY.

  • @darksend all I can say on my end (I only play the WWIIClassic map ever) is that sometimes it feels like the AI is the only one who can rock its Anti-Aircraft which I rarely hit but really whether you are using "Low-Luck" dice options which is more consistent and less variable ... or use the regular dice settings ... I am sure the random number generator for the dice isn't fooling you or you should submit a bug report but we are all pretty sure the computer dice is working properly but, anyways, test it yourself just a few more times and then get back to us

    good luck!

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    @darksend Unless you have (not too much used) casino quality dice and are rolling them with a tower or in a casino like environment, the usual boardgame dice, especially when rolled casually, and assuming they are differently unbalanced amongst each other, tend to give not so closely truly random outcomes, generally mixing up the results; so having a variance lower than what true randomness would averagely give (very lucky / unlucky results happening less frequently than they should).
    Just saying that unless you are really going hardcore with real dice rolling, the TripleA (pseudo) random number generator is likely to be a better random number generator than real dice rolling.

  • 0_1527468097777_ai cheat 2.png

    Sorry, but I just refuse to accept this is bad luck ...

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    @darksend said in AI Dice Assist:

    0_1527468097777_ai cheat 2.png

    A single dice roll is a tragedy; a million dice rolls is statistic.

    The probability of rolling a 2 or more is 5/6; the probability of doing so for 17 times is that probability multiplied by itself 17 times; thus:
    Meaning you should get a string of misses on rolling 1 like that once every about 22 times you do it.

    The probability of rolling a 3 or more is 2/3; the probability of doing so for 27 times or more out of 32 tries total is:
    Meaning you should get a string of misses on rolling 2 like that once every about 46 times you do it.

    The probability of rolling 44 or more misses out of 17 rolls at 1 and 32 rolls at 2 is the same as the probability of rolling 44 or more misses out of (theorical) 49 rolls at 72.032847% probability of missing for each roll, that is:
    Meaning you should get 5 or less hits on all of those dice rolled once every about 418 times you do it.
    (I'm really not sure about having got this last one correctly, but it shouldn't be too far from 0.2%)

    (I've used this to have it calculated:

    So, now, that thing or something worse is very unlucky and should happen once every several hundred times, but we are still talking about something that you are due to see once in a few games, if you play till total victory.

    So, of course it is bad luck, and we are not talking about something that happens once in a million, yet.

    Obviously, all this assuming I didn't make some mistakes and that program I googled works and I used it correctly (just let me know if anything is off).

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    @darksend All I can say is that the AI uses the same dice roller as the human does. Everyone remembers the bad rolls better than the good. If you are struggling to beat the Hard AI consistently then feel free to post a few save games and I'm sure some of the experienced players here would be glad to give you some tips.

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