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    So probably not quite as nice as alpha but gonna have saturation instead. Here is LME with 0.5 saturation:

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    @cernel said in Mini (Me) Map options:

    @redrum Why not only allowing for the smallMap to be either above or under the ownership colours?

    What I meant is tha this way the mapmaker can have the smallMap transparent, the same way as the relief work. Basically deciding if the smallMap is base or relief, default base.

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    Seeing the mini map with a darkened "highlighted" area just seems wrong. People would expect highlighted stuff to light/bright, just as the units in the game are highlighted when mouse-over or selected.

    I think players will more easily spot where the big screen is on the mini map if light/bright than if dark.

    Generally since the mini map feature is a universal one for all maps, a part of the UI and a part of how TripleA is controlled, I would think it best if individual maps did not customize the appearance when it comes to light/dark, frame, transparency etc. I can see the point in setting the unit dot size since the mini maps are not all the same size, but otherwise the appearance should be uniform from map to map if we want players to easily jump into another map and be acquainted with the controls. By not allowing all sorts of mini map settings, there would also be some sort of quality control that ensured a practical mini map and not just "fancy" and unreadable mini map.

    I can see the appeal of mapmakers setting up their own version of nice looking minimaps, but I still would prefer a good and practical standard mini map that did not change from map to map.

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    @redrum said in Mini (Me) Map options:

    So some bad news on this feature. The fill alpha for territories is causing problems because territories when conquered are drawn over the previous one. This causes conquered territories to become a blend of the previous owner color and the new owner color when alpha is set to less than 1 (some amount of transparency). So instead of fillAlpha parameter, I'm going to have to switch this to just have territories being filled with a slightly lighter version of their set color. This should achieve a similar effect except won't capture any of the underlying smallMap image texture if there is one.

    So how is this minimap adjustment then to be handled? Turn the fix brighter effect on of somehow? Right now I see no difference between...
    What should I do to get a tiny bit brighter territory colors? Could you give a text example?

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    @Frostion Sorry, "alpha" was changed to "saturation" due to a limitation. So you'll want this:


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