Japan limited on Minor IC's in Global 40?

  • I'm in a Global 40 game and, as Japan, I have a minor industrial complex in Kiansu and Kwangtung. I purchased a 3rd one for Malaya, but it won't let me deploy it. It gives me the message "No more constructions allowed in Malaya". In fact, it won't let me build it in any other legal zone on the mainland (with the same message). I've owned all the target territories since the beginning of my turn.

    I searched the Global 40 and Pacific 40 rules PDFs for a rule limiting the building of minor IC's, but I can't find one that would seem to limit this. Am I missing something?


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    @willk_1230 unless you already have one there you should be able to. Post a save and we'll try and see what's up

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