Private Game Server/Bot as well as Public Ones

  • I understand the method of setting up bots for the TripleA lobby and it seems straight forward but I'm wondering if in addition to doing that if there's a way to setup a private game or lobby on my home server that I could use with the people I play with when I can't host it on my personal computer. Is it as simple as altering the Bot bat file to remove the bits that point towards the Lobby and have the private group just use my ip address and that specific port number or does it need the lobby to function? Thank you for any help you can provide, I know it's an odd question but sometimes it would be helpful to have.

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    @odie it's been a long time since I used it but you should be able to use the connect to networked game to set it up from the first triplea menu.

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    @Odie also you could just download the setup and create your own triplea server as well 🙂

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    @odie A bot doesn't require the lobby to run. If it can't connect to whatever lobby address/port you specify, it will print an error to the console, but otherwise will continue to operate normally.

    However, it's not exactly clear what you're trying to do. If you simply want to host a game in which you will participate (and want to bypass the lobby), you can just use the Host Networked Game command from the main menu. The only reason I can think why you'd want to host a private bot that doesn't connect to the lobby is if you want to provide a server for your friends for games in which you're not participating. That is, so your friends can play against each other:

    • without you as an active player,
    • without having to use the lobby, and
    • without you having to run the full GUI on your desktop.

    BTW, from a security perspective, if you're going to run a bot that's reachable from the Internet-at-large and running all the time, I'd recommend running it using a non-administrative account. In fact, if possible, you should create a separate account to run it so that, if it happens to get compromised, the damage an attacker can do to your host will be limited.

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