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  • @ All ... Please include in your address section when donating to Paypal your user name. This makes life alot easier to post the Donators User name. i will attempt at the end of the month to corelate emails to the database. That being siad it would be much easier if you just included a note with your user name and if you wish to be listed as a donator or anonymous.

    Thanks to all for your donations and to all the volunteers! Pras

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  • 5e36273d-7330-4a8b-89c8-1b38d5a853c5-image.png

    TripleA is a FREE! gaming site that survives by the help of our members donations. All work is done by volunteers. Thanks to all of you for your hard work! The yearly cost of the club is approximately $1600.00 . It would be nice to support some tournaments as well. Lets set the goal this year at $2000.00 . Previously the tournaments have been privately sponsored. I think the club should support it's own tournaments.
    The funds are used to pay for the servers etc. All donations will be recorded here like Bung did in the past. Thanks to all!
    All prices are in US dollars. Thus with 160 member donations of $10.00 per year we should be pretty close to our goal of $1600.00. Pay Pal fees etc. Some extra funds for the ladder and tournaments would be great!
    Lets try and keep it as cheap as possible for all! To continue enjoying this great game!
    Lets start early!

    A more detailed description of the costs to be added shortly ….

    Linode = 1400 a year (new servers etc changes this)
    Ladder = Paid for till next Nov 2021 ($300?) (My Donation 🙂 )
    Security ? @LaFayette
    a few other things....

    The donation button is located at the bottom of every forum page and on the home page of the ladder.


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  • @prastle if u have time we should discuss the ladder site it's basically done

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    @raziridium any of the yellow donation buttons works fine.

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