Singleplayer Practice - Is the AI any good?

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    @Schulz Yeah, the AI currently doesn't handle some of the more advanced purchase/placement options as very few maps utilize these.

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    @redrum Just the good ones... 😉

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    @Hepps Hey now. Just because you don't like checkers doesn't mean its not a good game 🙂

  • Can AI be a good source for testing balance? Just making every nation AI and watching matches maybe could give some tips?

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    @Schulz For maps with rules close to standard A&A maps, it can give an initial pass for balance. But in the end the only way to truly balance a map is lots of PvP games.

  • I think the hard AI can be pretty enjoyable. For the standard WW2 maps that don't have complex objectives and features the AI doesn't 'understand' or tech wildcards and the like, it does reasonably for itself. One place where it can be instructive is seeing how airpower and bombers in particular can be pretty effective at covering vs fleets once the AI is amassing a big stack of 'em. Seen some brazen strikes from the machine there. But it still struggles with transports and naval, over-purchasing or spreading things too thin too quickly. You can also back it off a sea zone more effectively whereas a human would probably fight it out or make a trade to force a resolution. Right now it doesn't prioritize things like VCs, so it wouldn't play well vs a PvP strategy where victory is determined that way. Still its useful to have for showing the ropes, and getting familiar with maps beforehand.

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