Pre releases not working

  • Hi, whenever i instal a prerelese, im not able to open it, i click on the "run tripleA" button on the end of the installer but nothing happens.
    Sometimes i can see the icon of soldier with red T and A that popups before tripleA launches, but after like half a second its gone and then nothing.

    Maybe its becose im still using vista? Can anybody help me please?

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    @dr-stein Go where you installed TripleA and, inside the TripleA folder, open the "TripleA.vmoptions" file with a text editor, setting the values to:


    Then overwrite the file.
    Let us know if this fixed the problem or not.

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    @dr-stein Also be sure to have the latest version of Java 8 installed on your system. Java 8 needs Vista SP2, so you could check this as well.