Misspelling in World War II Global maps.

  • I hope this is the right place to ask, but has anyone noticed that the island of Paulau in the Pacific (west of Carolines) on the TripleA Global game maps is spelt Palau on the actual board game and when I looked up information about the island, it is actually spelt Palau?
    Sorry if this is nit picking but I am curious why it's spelt Paulau.

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    @scousemart Yes that would probably be a simple case of a spelling mistake. At least I could find no references to the misspelled version.

  • @hepps Ok, I guessed that might have been the case. I'm curious though, if it is a spelling mistake and I guess that the files would have to be updated, how or where or which files are we talking about?

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    @scousemart Almost sure that must be a spelling mistake, but "Palau Island" is anyway wrong, as that is an archipelago, as well as, at the time, an administrative district of multiple islands. Thus should be either "Palau Islands" or "Babelthuap Island", if using the name of the island that was the most important, as well as the most heavily garrisoned, amongst all of them. However, I'm not sure where the district capital was, in 1940.
    Anyways, even that would be still generally wrong, as in the map there is the "Caroline Islands" territory, that geographically comprises the Palau too, but that is the same issue as having "Hawaiian Islands" and "Midway" as separate territories, or "Poland" and "Eastern Poland", etc..

    As long as fixing, since that is an image, it is not possible to do it in a fully consistent way unless you can get from the original maker (I guess Bung) the info about which program, what version of that program and what exact settings he used in producing such images (of course, a good graphic would be able to do something to look undistinguishable from the rest).

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    @cernel Uhm, actually, it would be easy to fix if you can find another territory having an "al" contiguous in lowercase. Still, are you sure you would want to keep the wrong "Palau Island" naming, instead of changing it to either "Palau Islands" or just "Palau" (I see that anyways some islands get the "Island" at the end of the name and some other not, and I cannot see a method to it)?

  • @cernel Yeah, you're right about the Islands spelling. I guess when the game was originally planned, the makers decided upon the singular name rather than the plural group name. Although as you said, the Japanese were only garrisoned on one island which sort of makes sense they used Island rather than Islands.
    It's beyond my capability to do an image edit so I guess we'll have to put up with it, unless someone was to volunteer... 😏

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    @cernel Ok, so did it using the "Ural" name image. Here are the two options:



    I don't intend to touch this map myself, but I'll explain what to do:

    You need to change the territory name in all xml of all games.

    You need to change the same entry in all txt having it (I suggest a mass change with a text editor having such functionality).

    You need to add the image in "misc", and remove the current "Paulau_Island.png" in there.

    You need to redefine the coordinate for such image in decorations.txt.

    At this point I suggest you play a game, just to be sure.

    You need to push the changes via GitHub, and probably ask somewhere else for an admin to review and merge it.

    Of course, this will break compatibility with all current games, meaning that people will be unable to continue their saved games if they update or if they are bot users and the bots are updated.

    Edit: Updated images to maybe keep the same settings as the original to delete, tho I'm not sure it did (doesn't really matter).

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    @scousemart said in Misspelling in World War II Global maps.:

    Although as you said, the Japanese were only garrisoned on one island which sort of makes sense they used Island rather than Islands.

    Actually, most islands were garrisoned. The most famous one is probably Peleliu.

  • @cernel Thanks. As you have provided some detailed instructions, I'll be happy to give it a go.
    I'll let you know how it goes. 😄
    Just out of curiosity, if I change this map and use it in a PBEM or PBF game, would my opponent need to have the same updated map?

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    @scousemart Yes, it is breaking both backward and forward compatibility.

    Also, this fix is basically a hack, as I've surged the "al" of "Ural" into the other one. Of course, nobody is going to notice anything, but just saying it is not as correct as if doing the image with the exact settings as the original maker would have used. So, maybe, I'm thinking it would make sense to keep the old "Paulau_Island.png" image in the folder.

    The map admins will have to decide if it is worth breaking compatibility for this, as it is ultimately them that will have to respond for it to the community (as this map having no specific owner). I'm personally neutral on this matter.

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    @cernel I'm thinking especially if this map has other wrong entries, maybe better sticking to the intended naming (thus correcting the unintended misspelling only), even if not correct, so at least to be consistent in that direction. So, maybe forget about my remarks on "Islands" vs "Island"; probably pointless, I guess. Anyways, an image with "Palau Islands" can also be made (taking "Islands" from another one), if preferred.

  • @cernel This might sound a daft question but why couldn't one edit the original .png from Paulau Island to Palau Island? Is this not possible? To my unexperienced mind, I would have thought that if there were no other changes to the map, other than the actual .png, it wouldn't break the game.

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    @scousemart That way you would see the new image on the board, but everywhere else the reference would remain the same. I surely advise against that.

  • @cernel Sorry, I was being as bit over zealous. I meant if the original .png was edited and the references in the game were changed to reflect that, that wouldn't work because the .txt files and .xml files would be different to the original files and thus break the game?

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    @scousemart Yes, you need to change everything. Theorically you can keep backwards compatibility by keeping the old entries and the old images in all skin files, tho that is quite patchy (and implies having useless entries all around, that doesn't feel quite right).

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    Aaand you need to change that way all the mapskins, as well. On this matter, I see that in the "battlemap_skin" there is a "Pau", written in the relief themselves, and this means that cannot be cleanly changed, unless you can get (I guess from Veqryn) a version of the relief without the added writings.
    So, considering the importance of the mapskins and to keep consistency with that, I think this matter (specifically changing to any names not starting exactly as "Pau") cannot be feasibly made. I suggest giving up or contact Veqryn to maybe have the original graphic, if possible. Of course, it would be possible to surge the relief as to change the "Pau" to "Pal", and nobody would notice anything strange, but that would be changing the graphic arbitrarily.

  • @cernel Maybe I should take up your suggestion and give up. Not that I'm not willing to have a go but it sounds like a lot of hassle with no guarantee of success, either getting it out in the community or actually getting it to work. 😐

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    @scousemart The changes could be made quite easily if there were no backwards compatibility concerns.

  • @hepps said in Misspelling in World War II Global maps.:

    @scousemart The changes could be made quite easily if there were no backwards compatibility concerns.

    Yes, but it seems that is the problem, backwards compatibility. 😕

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