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    V0.1.1 to v0.1.2 is now downloadable ingame

    NOTE: This version does not seem to AI compatible! At least not on my PC. The map will only start with all human players. Please take a look at this dear Devs 😉

    • Some unit price adjustments.
    • All baseTiles and reliefTiles images have been compressed, reducing their size to about 65% of before.
    • All Elites and Veteran units cut to half price.
    • Instructor Origin, Officer Origin, Recruitment-Posters and Crown-of-Kings now generates less veterans and elites. All standard fighting units still produce 1 veteran or 1 elite per turn.
    • Dwarven Riflemen added as an elite purchasable unit.
    • Destroyer now moves, 2 not 3.
    • All instances of items and origin skills affecting “all heroes”, now only affect heroes of the opposite faction.
    • Fixed dynamite unit. It can no longer be thrown over air ways and it now actually works and participates in battle.
    • Spells may now cross air ways (This is more intuitive, and now the spells may follow a hero flying on a 4 move air transport)
    • The terms “Ranged Speed” and “Ranged Power” has been replaced by “Targeted Rolls” and “Targeted Power”. I really liked the old terms, as they were more Fantasy roleplay-like, but it also could create some confusion if players are used to see the other terms. Also the engine generated tooltips use the new terms.

  • So i have tried the game out and the A.I. turns seemed to work fine. I am playing as suggested the horde races. After the A.I. went it then asked me to pick my Orc hero's origin skills. I picked four different ones and then continued but no matter what i did i could not place the skills on the hero as it suggested i do. It just kept saying nothing else can be placed in the region my hero was standing in. So i continued the turn without placing them and then at the end of the turn it let me place them again like they were recruits instead of skills and then even though i had moved my hero into the factory location during the turn it still wouldn't let me place them so i am at a loss. No clue what i am doing wrong or right. Hope this helps.

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    @avshar I think that I have to help the players out a bit more by writing an explanation on how to place and activate the origin skills. I will update the map with this at some point.

    You have to purchase the skills, then place them on the Hero Bar, not the Hero him/her self.

    The hero bar is the top bar of the map. But it is also to be placed on a specific area of the Hero Bar, the buttom left area (between the squares) of the field in the bar. Right now the pop-up picture during start is the only hint, and this is obviously not enough.

    Please return with more feedback when you get it to work ☺ Right now I have not worked on this map for some time so my list of things to fix is empty.

    PS: Download the latest pre release to avoid game breaking errors. There still are errors but not the critical anti air error that bugged this map for a long time.

    PPS: And use Hard AI.

  • @Frostion Ok i will try this and play it again. I have the current version of the game and always play the A.I. on top difficulty. I will let you know if encounter any other problems. Maybe i will also start a game against the Horde to see if those issues you mentioned are still happening.

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    @avshar if playing against horde, I would recommend setting all horde players to 125% income at the start screen, to compensate for them stacking up units and not expanding so much during early game.

  • Frostion, WoW, just WoW !!!
    It looks and feels great.
    First game, playing Orc Horde only, rest are Hard AI.
    Crashed see screenie below. Tried to send it via report to TripleA, but it would not let me.
    Tried to replay from the last saved Even and Odd saves, it still crashes at the same point.


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    @TheDog yea the map still has some issues. Could you drag and drop the save you have into a post here? Then maybe a dev can take a look at what is causing the breakdown. That would be great!

    EDIT: That error does look familiar. You could also try to download the latest prerelease and run the save again. Maybe a newer version of TripleA will actually run it without errors.

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    After playtesting this map a bit more, trying to figure out the next development step, I can again point out this map’s 3 biggest issues. As these are pretty much all AI related, does any dev with AI knowledge feel like taking a look at the save game and the error reports? ( @Alexei-Svitkine @redrum @LaFayette @RoiEX or other dev?)

    1. The AI-players are lacking the ability to handle land territory canals that do only allow certain units. (In this map these are called airways and marked with blue arrows) The result is AI players stacking up around capitals and other places with airways. Like here, where the enemy army stacks up outside a capital that they cannot enter the way they want to. Only flying units can pass these canals:

    2. The AI-players lack ability to purchase factories during play. At some point during map development, the AI did purchase factories, but not at present time for some reason. This really hinders the AI from winning. I assume it is some kind of resource type issue, as there are plenty of 3+ PU territories.

    3. The "Wrong owner" Issue. When AI controlled main players capture territories from AI minor players this error pops up. It does not happen when human controlled main players capture from AI minor players. I suspect the cause is that the AI minor player units killed spawn an infrastructure unit when killed, and this unit is overtaken by the attacker.
      (Don’t blame me for duplicate error reports, as I did not upload more than one of these (I think)):

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    Do any of those error reports have a savegame attached that is just before the error occurs?

  • @LaFayette sadly no, but now Im saving every turn.

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    @LaFayette the "wrong owner" errors happen literally every single time an AI player attacks and wins over an minor AI player. So by running an all AI game, one can easily make the error occur during round 1.

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    @Frostion cool, though isolating it is still really helpful. Any code fixes need to have that set up and you can be sure we'll play through it a dozen times while isolating the problem and verifying any fix. So getting a save is a necessary step. Getting that ready just saves time, hence very helpful.

  • @Frostion I've been able to duplicate the error. So I'm looking into it.

    @LaFayette I'm getting stack overflows when I load the Warcraft War Heroes in my game launched from IntelliJ. But I don't get the stack overflows when I run the prerelease game. I'm assuming there is a setting I need to change but I don't know where it is yet.

  • Oddly enough, if I open the save game in my local game launched from IntelliJ, I have no problems. It is just starting a brand new game with Warcraft War Heroes.

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    @Trevan VM option -Xss, needs to be at least 1250K

    @Frostion to explain why a save game helps/saves time. To fix a problem the steps are roughly:

    1. Know there is a problem
    2. Reproduce the problem
    3. Theorize about the cause
    4. Confirm problem
    5. Apply a fix and verify problem is fixed (repeat steps 3-5 until problem is fixed)
    6. Verify fix is limited to the intended target and nothing else is broken by the fix
    7. Clean everything up, run builds, submit PR
    8. Go through review and get code merged

    On steps 2 & 5, a save is really helpful, either that or we need to go through as lightly longer process and create the problem from scratch each time. We might run through steps 3 through 5 just a few times, sometimes it's a dozen.

    So I don't want to sound callous, just that if a save is provided then it's helpful as it cuts out a potentially time consuming step.

  • Well I've been playing the game for 10 rounds and so far no major problems other than the A.I. doesn't seem to do anything with their hero's as far as the origin skills. This could just be a fog of war type thing though. I can't see anything in their origins box but i can see the items in their back packs so just not sure if i'm supposed to see it or not. Also when i look at their hero's they always show they are level 1. Like they don't know how to use the xp. Again just not sure if this is legit or a fog of war issue. The only other problem i found so far is the game crash when you try to use the Help menu to look at unit stats. I think you had mentioned that before though. Will keep playing it to look for other issues.

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    @LaFayette I will be sure to list a save in the future whenever possible ☺ as for this one, I have now uploaded a save to Github.

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    @avshar Sadly the AI does not buy factories and factory upgrades as well as origin story skills 😕

    I don't know how to motivate them to buy the origin story skills. Maybe giving the skills some attack/defense stats? Or maybe high PUs value? 🤔

  • I tracked their hero's a bit more and saw that they are just collecting XP but never using it. Also i never see them produce veteran or elite units with their chevrons. So pretty sure the A.I. Doesn't use that entire list.

    I have been exiting the game here and there, then turning the A.I. player to human for one round to access those categories and use up their saved chevrons and XP. Then re-exiting the game and turning it back to A.I. control to get around the issue for now. Hope someone figures out a way to get the A.I. to do it itself.

    But other than that i haven't come across an issue worth reporting. I also haven't played a lot in any one campaign. Furthest i got so far was my Horde campaign up to turn 16. So i haven't yet encountered a situation like someone above who had the A.I. gathering armies where they can't cross because they aren't fliers or anything. Will keep playing though.

  • I have to be boring and repeat myself.
    Frostion, WoW, just WoW !!!

    I was doing so well and did not have a crash until now.
    I dont know if it can be repeated.

    IllegalStateException - Cannot have more hits than the number of die rolls.

    This happened when the AI Undead was doing their turn. (sadly no screenie)


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