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    @redrum Ah, that would be cool to test. Sadly, for compatibility reasons, I cannot feasibly use the prerelease in lobby. Anyways, here it is the savegame (the game just finished on round 12 with West (that is me) winning by surrender):


    I ask because I just opened up my email and see 5 emails from Triple A about this thread ... the email says I can adjust my email settings and gives the link and I saw 2 places where it will send emails so I changed it.

    Was just weird I never got email notifications before (hate them) so something with this thread made me get 5 emails from these new replies but maybe the 2 places I just changed now I won't get emails

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    @Captain-Crunch Ya I also noticed I am receiving them again like in the past but I have not for awhile. I never changed any settings but perhaps @RoiEX did?

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    I didn't change the setting either, I had the same issue as well, but changing the setting was 10 seconds so I forgot about it

  • @redrum (or AI developer(s) -- Regarding assisting with AI for triplea.

    1. First wanted to verify the last release is TripleA_1. And if I (us single-player/AI users of triplea) should be using, testing and commenting on the AI for, or should we be using 'TripleA_1.10.14966_windows-64bit' (for instance) instead?

    2. I received recent emails from, which prompted me to d/l and play classic WWII 3rd edition, and notice what the AI was doing. So I don't want to waste anyone's time until I know which version I should comment on.

    I think the AI in triplea has been excellent and a great endeavor. Thanks!

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    @Sculpt Responses:

    1. is the latest stable release. There have been some fixes and improvements since then which can be tested in the latest pre-release found here: I recommend using the latest pre-release if you can so that you get all the latest changes but feedback on either release is still useful.

    2. Great to hear. There are many great maps that you can download and play with TripleA. I'm glad to have AI feedback on any maps which you are playing.

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