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    @dadude9211 The AI does not make any special effort to take or defend VC's. The AI does not normally try.to protect anything other than capitals or factories.

    You could simply uncheck projection of power and check honorable surrender instead in the opening screen.

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  • D

    I mostly play World War II v3 1941 or the equivalent real world boardgame.

    Against the Hard AI, when playing the allies, I consistently obtain a round 1 victory, where Japan:

    Leaves Kiangsu empty!? Clears the fleet outside the Philippine Islands, but does not land the units. I assume the AI wants to benefit from the bombardment, but it could just use the units on mainland China and then transport them next turn if that is the case. Does not go after Hawaii (understandable). Does not go after Kwangtung (understandable, but not given the VC count)

    Italy and Germany cannot reasonably capture a victory city in round 1, so their movements are largely irrelevant.

    Since China goes after all the other Axis powers in the round, they simply march into Kiangsu, and adding it to the 12 starting victory cities, and the Allies win the game.

    This is... anti-climatic.

    Is there something abnormal about my move order that leads to this funky move by the AI, or is this the standard experience for most players against the current AI?

    Given it is a round 1 win, I can't balance this out with a bid, I have to change the victory conditions. If the AI isn't trying to get to X victory cities, what is it trying to do? Just target capital cities?

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  • @TheDog Awsome, thats exactly what i was looking for.

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  • @TorpedoA
    look at my xml code
    it has Commanders 1/1/2 with 10 command for 14 PU
    and Necromancers 1/1/2 with 5 Command for 10 PU (also can produce units)
    The AI buys both and as Hepps said it is down to the correct PU value.

    For the Command part see the supportAttachmentCommander section line 2134.

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