Tournament of Champions (Season 5) for AA 50 Anniversary '41 version

  • Tulkas axis over Mogwai +15 allies. Mogwai had the worse dice imo. Although he didn’t complain about the dice and said that strategy was also to blame. He did go PAC with US and that took a lot of pressure off Ger which got a stronghold going in Cauc. By round 5 japan had India and was defending pacific at the same time. TUV was +150 for axis and Mogwai surrendered.

  • If there is room, count me in! Prastle, awesome job on website.

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    @bigmac Sdaly the toc is full BM but you are second on wait list if any drop.

  • I suppose it's too late to join this tournament?

  • Blasherke (Axis) defeats QuarterMaster in an exciting game. The Allies suffered from bad dice in the first two rounds and of course this had an impact on the outcome of the game. Especially with the Allies going for a KJF, where binding Japan at an early stage is vital. This enabled both Germany and Italy to build up forces and strike on Russia. Despite an impressive sea battle next to Gibraltar, the allies were unable to turn the tide.

    Thanks QuarterMaster for the fun game!

  • Icelander (Axis) defeats Handsome (Allies +15) in just 6 rounds as Allies surrender after a last desperate UK attack on Berlin.

    From start, US aimed to get air superiority and tried to force Japan to react to a possible US threat in the Pacific and therebye lighten the pressure on Russia. The plan worked, but US didn't take advantage and let itself getting carried away in an armsrace in the Pacific. When UK makes some very bad choices in Africa/Middle East, Germany/Italy soon take controll and grow very strong. The US Atlantic fleet gets sunk by Luftwaffe in turn 6, and an economicly crippled UK makes a last desperate attack on Berlin at terrible odds.

    Thanks to Iclander for a very good and friendly game. 0_1542843543985_triplea_Bri6.tsvg .

  • Islandia (Axis) defeats Prastle (Allies + 14) in round 11 as Allies surrender after failing to capture France with a double strike from United Kingdom plus the United States. 0_1542946618396_prastle-live toc.tsvg

    The game started with the US doing a furious full scale assault on Japanese shipping sending many transports and carriers to the bottom of the Pacific. This gave Germany and Italy a bit of breathing room, though they were pushed out of the Mediterranean and Africa by turn 5. Germany was able to build up a strong airforce that threatened Allied shipping resulting in a heavy spend for Capital ships for the allies (3 British Battleships)! Once Japan was able to get going, it started to push towards the center and the Axis gained a slow advantage.

  • Icelander (Allies +14) defeats Tulkas (Axis) after Germany fails to capture Moscow in round 9. 0_1544313774128_triplea_Ame8.tsvg

    Basically UK and US kept their economy going in Africa and the Pacific, while Russia did its best to face enemies coming from all sides. A very good Germany with strong air support invaded Karelia twice but couldn't build enough to take Moscow while the British threat from the Baltic grew larger.

    Thanks to Tulkas for a very challenging game.

  • Stroid (Axis) defeats Mastercam(allies)

    Axis went for heavy caucasus play while the brits put an IC in south africa. Italy took caucasus early then with german stack held it for the rest of the game. Japs went wild in the pacific and asia. Pretty soon, the axis had larger armies and more income. Both sides played well but it was only a matter of time. GG WP!


  • Handsome (Allies +12) defeats Mogwai (Axis), as Axis surrender in round 11 after a thrilling game.

    Germany started With a heavy assault on Russia with support of Italy, going for Karelia early on. Leningrad fell in both G3 and G4 (and J10) but was retaken by Russia. Russia managed to survive with help of RAF and great sacrifices from UK until round 5, when the German-Russian front was allmost depleted for armies, and Allies (me) erroneously thought the front was stabilized and the war was won.

    Meanwhile in the Pacific, UK/US had with small forces delayed Japan from going all in on Russia. In round 7 UK/US was able to get a bridghead in France, but Japan could now focus everything on Russia from the east and it became a race of who would fall first, Moscow or Berlin. Berlin was taken in US10 after UK had weakened the defence. Russia would have fell in J11, but Axis surrendered after Russia withdraw its forces to Caucasus and retook Leningrad for a third time, thereby hindering production for Japan.

    The game shifted both in who had the most units, and highest economy during the game. Mogwai fought very well, and came up with positions to the last turn, where any mistake/unfortune would have turned the result. 0_1544641726447_triplea_Rus11.tsvg

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    via ADJUDICATION: Banfus (Axis) defeats Raville (Allies). Thank you both for playing this game together. We encourage you to continue playing the game to completion.

  • @Banfus, well done! Thanks and good luck in your next games; @Deltium thanks too and Merry Xmas to both and to all ToC v341.

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    @Deltium @prastle as allies(+14) defeats @MasterCaM as axis. I will update post in a bit. Game save attached. Enjoyed the game bro cost Patton and USA AIR!! Stalin was able to take Berlin in round 14 after strafing multiple times with Brits and USA.

  • QuarterMaster (Axis) defeats Raville (Allies +14) in a very hard fought 23 rounds game.

    Germany pushed hard on Russia from the start. Although Karelia fell very quickly Russia kept strong. USA went all in for the Atlantic and soon Germany was fighting for its life in Western Europe. Japan eventually came to the rescue making quick works of the Chinese and Brits in India with the help of the Italian fleet. Russia held off Japanese troops for awhile in Persia and West China but eventually backed down and lost the Caucasus. Italy was finally taken by the UK and quickly after Germany fell to the US and Russia to Japan back to back.

    It was a whole new game in Europe with a massive eastern front. Japan's fleet managed to breakthrough the Atlantic, after many costly naval battles. With the help of factories in Norway and Brazil, some pressure in the Atlantic was established and the US mainland and Britain had to start responding to the threat relieving some of the pressure on Japan's ground troops in Europe.

    Eventually the Japanese fleet made a surprise nail-biter landing in the UK which just squeezed in a Victory for the Axis in what looked like an interminable struggle where to Raville's credit, the dice seemed to be a little too much in the Axis favor.

  • Congratulations! @QuarterMaster you did good and Allies hadn't much luck. Well done! Thanks and wishing you a fair tournament.

  • @Raville Thank you! This was a tough game and you played extremely well, I'm still surprised I managed a victory even with the good dice!

  • QuarterMaster (Axis) defeats Tulkas (Allies +15) by Tulkas throwing in the towel in round 5. Germany had a very lucky opening losing none of it's subs or ships. Britain build an IC in India and USA went for Japan. The Axis held to the Med and North Africa while Karelia was going back and forth between the two side. The USA became a serious threat to Japan but Japan was able to narrowly capture India and even if the US took the Philippines and build an AC, most of their fleet was destroyed by Japan which put Japan back in control and pointed towards Russia. After a failed British bid to land in Germany, British fleet was left exposed and the Allies surrendered.

    Thank you Tulkas for a very exciting and challenging game, you got tough dice and the outcome could have been very different if it wasn't for some very tough rolls.

  • Stroid (axis) defeats Islandia (allies, 16bid)

    This was just a dice fest. Pure and simple. Germany set up for quick caucus hit and diced the daylights out of russia. This set the tone for the entire game. So much for low luck. Sorry man, you played great! Russia saved brit trannys with a clutch fleet buy. I didn't expect that and it almost cost me berlin. But the price of that buy was losing moscow. GG WP!
    TOC gmae Islandia.tsvg

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    Prastle(Axis)defeats Deltium (Allies) 13 bid.

    Allies suffered from a bit of rough luck round one with Russia's counter attack. Deltium also chose an interesting all British bid placement. The Americans went full KJF! After the German/Japanese double tap of the British home fleet in round 4 Deltium graciously conceded. Thanks for the GG Bro. I am certain you will quick my butt next time 🙂 Prastriplea_Jap4Delt.tsvg

  • Blasherke (Axis) defeats Banfus.

    The Allies went for a mixed KGF/KJF and were able to fix the majority of the Jap air- and seafleet in the Pacific, while trading territory with the Germans. However, Germany was able to maintain its IPC income, whereas Japan slowly but steady conquered the Asian mainland. The Allies were not able to turn the tide and when in round 9 Moscow was about to fall, the Allies honorably surrendered.

    Thanks, Banfus for the fun and challenging game!

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