Play by Forum without savegame?

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    Does it make sense to ever play a PbF game without posting the savegame except for the Test functionality?
    If it doesn't make any sense to not post the savegame automatically this fature could be removed to simplify the UI.

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    @RoiEX Not that I can think of in normal game flow. Only thing I can think of is sometimes A&A server runs out of space for attachments so you could post the summary then email the save. You may need to post some of these PBF questions in A&A as well or at least tag @Panther

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    The reason I'm asking all of those questions is to be sure the preferences should indeed be part of the savegame, not of the local config.
    If this feature is only required as a workaround, it can easily be made a transient setting that's always enabled, but can be disabled if anything goes wrong.

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    @RoiEX The regular workflow of course is to add a savegame to the posting. But there are situations where you only want to post the summary, as @redrum mentioned an example for. So a solution that defaults to adding savegames offering a way to disable it would be fine, IMHO.

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