damageableAA question

  • In POS2 damageableAA is defined:
    sets if this unit can damage a two-hitpoint unit, instead of killing it instantly with aa fire (default = false = kill instantly).

    Units can have more the hitPoints then 2.

    Are Units with more then 2 hitPoints still killed by damageableAA = false?

    Maybe damageableAA values could be expanded to 'All, None, or a list of Units that this unit does not kill with a single shot. Default: None (All multi-hitPoints units are killed).'

    Fantastic job on the AA supports!!


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    @wc_sumpton Works on any HP. At the time this was created Triple A only had 1 or 2 HP.

    If you set this to false an AA strike will instantly kill any unit it hits... regardless of how many HP the unit has.

  • @Hepps
    Thank you, that was my thoughts also, was just asking for clarification.

    I'm just thinking that this option could be expanded, and not just true of false, but to something like a name value pairing:
    None = All units hit by this unit are killed with a single shot
    All:2 = All units hit by this unit receive 2 hit points of damage (any unit with more then 2 hit points will survive).
    (if a 'largeArmoredTransport' unit has 2 hit points, and a 'largeArmor' has 2 hit points) Then:
    largeArmoredTransport 2:superArmor:1=largeArmoredTransport is killed, but the largeArmor would survive by receiving only a single hit.

    Change of thought, maybe 'targetsAA' should be used instead, since that already requires a list of units that can be attacked by this unit. The default for 'targetsAA' would be all 'isAir' units are killed by this unit, otherwise a list of the units that this unit could attack followed by the amount of damage caused, with -1 being kills with a single shot. So using the above :

    <option name="targetsAA" value="largeArmoredTransport:-1:largeArmor:1"/>

    Then the largeArmordTransport would be killed even if its hit points equaled 3, while the largeArmor would only receive 1 damage.

    These are just some thoughts.


  • Admin

    @wc_sumpton So I think the better way of having some targets damageable and others not, would be to have multiple AA attachments for that unit: https://forums.triplea-game.org/topic/1079/multiple-aa-attachments-per-unit

    So for your example, you'd have 1 AA attachment against largeArmoredTransports which has damageableAA = false and 1 AA attachment against largeArmor that has damageableAA = true. This would provide lots of additional flexibility of having different attack strengths for each AA as well.

  • @redrum
    Just having fun thoughts. Thanks for your explanation!


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