Trying to find a old post

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    Is there a way to check your post history ? All of them listed ? I've come close to finding it, tried all the search thingys, but no go.

    I know about when it was, so would be easier for me to power scroll through the dates.

    Anyway ? : )


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    @beelee If it is a post you made... they yes.

    If you find any place where you have posted you can click on you own icon (in your case a white B on a green canvass). when you click on that it will take you to your own profile history and list every post you have made in chronological order. Find the post you are looking for and click on it... it will take you to thread.

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    @Hepps Thanks
    Guess my machine just required me to scroll down a bit lol. been trying for hours : )

    Thanks again for that. Was really annoying me. All dialed in now

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