Bombard Choices

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    When bombarding with several battleships and cruisers, it is necessary to click the territory to bombard for each ship. It would be quicker if the bombard choice pop up was designed somewhat like the battle calc board. The locations to bombard would be listed on the left and on the right hand side next to each location would boxes where a number could be entered next to the battleships and cruisers desired to bombard that specific territory. Say one was bombarding Greece and South Greece in NWO. The Brits have 3 battleships and 8 cruisers. The goal is to cause four damage to Greece and two damage to S. Greece. When making bombard choices, the Brits could put a 3 in the battleship box and a 4 in the cruiser box in the boxes adjacent to where "Greece" is listed in the choice pop up, and then put a 0 in the battleship box and a 4 in the cruiser box where "S. Greece" is listed. I hope that is clear.
    Thank you!

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    @NGMC Agree. If you get a large stack of ships that can bombard and have multiple bombard locations, its really painful to select all the locations and remember how many you've targeted at each one. I've added it to the feature request list:

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    @NGMC Very good suggestion.