How to make a naval unit that can produce units?

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    Title pretty much says it all.

    I want a type of ship to be able to place a single unit in sea zones. Initial testing found it doesn't work. From a long time ago, I think it works if you give all the sea zones owners. Anyone know of other methods?

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    @CrazyG I believe the unit generation requires the territory to be owned. So I think you'd have to use SZ ownership as it works today.

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    I have a concern about this. England and France are allied.

    A french ship moves into a territory, so its french owned. On England's turn, it moves its ships to that sea zone and tries to place a unit, but it won't work because its french owned.

    I'm trying to make sea mines.

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    Also, unless I give sea zones incomes, you cannot easily track who owns what sea zones. I would like people who move their ships in NCM to still be able to place mines.

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    @CrazyG You could make a trigger for the ship that has the ability to make mines then have those ships automatically produce 1 invisible unit at the end of the NCM turn phase. Then you could make the purchasable mine unit consume the invisible unit. Then simply have all the (unused) invisible units removed from the map at the end of the current players turn.

    I think you could even deal with the invisible unit generation be handled by the unit attachment of "canProduceXUnits" instead of a trigger.

    But this is all just a suggestion. I have not tested any of this. So I am not sure what complications might arise.

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