Can someone make a video in which you create a map in github?

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    Can someone, please, make a video in which you create a simple map, like it is explained here (I don't understand), from start to finish:

    I don't understand how can you do stuff from the "Commit and push" onwards, or what a bunch of those things mean; so I'm blocked at the step "Now clone it, Git will clone down what will be pretty much an empty folder.", and cannot proceed past it.
    I think I'm not able to understand how to do it, at least based on the info there; so if someone can, please, go create a simple map in github and register a video, while doing it, from start to finish, and upload or link it here, that would allow me (and others that might not understand it otherwise) to make my github repository map, I think.

    Or, if you want to try to explain me here how you create the map, especially what this actually means:

    Commit and push

    Use git to add and commit the files, and push them
    (what is "git"?)

    that might work too.
    I see I cannot just copy/paste all inside the repository. I can't see how I can copy a not zipped folder. If I copy a zip (like a "" with all), it adds it as a zip. The only way I can see I can create folders (like creating the "map" subfolder) is by creating files directly, not when uploading stuff? And I cannot upload folders, unless they are zips; and, then, they remain zips.
    Also, I don't understand how can I mass delete file; I pasted 100 files wrong and I can see only how to delete 1 each.

    Yes, I've read all the Wiki at:

    Please, don't explain but just go make from start to finish a github repository of something like "minimap", and take the full video of you making all the stuff, if you are able, because I don't think I will understand (but if noone makes a video, then maybe explain, I will try to understand; I would prefer the video, tho).

    If someone can do that video it will be very appreciated, because I think it would be the only way for me to understand.

    I really want to upload some maps. I worked a lot on them. But I can't. It is some time, by now, and I still can't understand; so I fear I never will. I'm very frustrated. I think with the video I will understand.


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    I've also installed GitHub Desktop but I cannot figure how to copy/paste from my terminal into the github repo. But I'm not saying this way; whatever ways is fine, but I think best is just a video of someone actually doing it, using whatever stuff.

    The current issue is that I cannot copy or even create the folders, but only the files in it, and max 100 each time, doing it the simple way. Iike I cannot copy the entire "map" folder at once (unless zipped, but then it remains a zip, that is not what I see in the other maps).

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    @Cernel The only way I figured out to create a folder, like the "map" one, is by creating a dummy (empty) file, to have the folder too, then pasting what has to be in that folder, then removing the dummy file; but doing it for recostructing all folder structure and pasting the file in it is a pain (like doing it for each map/units/player, and risk of doing something wrong or forgetting something).
    What I can't do is like this thing:

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    Also, if you remove your repository, you will be able to do it again with the same name right, like you never did it before? I'm a bit fearful because of the big warning upon deleting. Can it be confirmed that deleting a repository only consequence is that it just disappears like you never made it (thus you can redo) and nothing else?

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    I don't need any explanations or anything special; just do the stuff for a simple map like minimap, whatever ways you prefer, and take a video while you do it, from the start till the end; I'm sure I will understand. No need of anything else.
    It doesn't neet to be a refined video, or anything particularly well made. Please, keep the cursor visible.

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    Or if noone is going to make a video I guess you can explain me how can I create the map subfolder and paste all the stuff inside it at once, in non zip format, as that is where I'm stuck; tho I fear I will just then get stuck a step after again. I still prefer the video; it is much easier to learn stuff by watching it.

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    @Cernel So were you able to create a new repo? If so then there is a green "Clone or download" button to use to clone it down to your PC. Then you should have an empty folder where you copy your map files into.

    If so can you post the link to the repo?

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    @redrum Yes I got there to clone on my computer, then I added the map folder with the stuff inside but I can't see how that stuff can go back at once in the repository; I also tried GitHub Desktop. You can find it in my profile in github:

    I see there are different ways to do it. Is GitHub Desktop the normal way people use?

    Don't look at the fact that there is some structure folders. I have not figured out. I've just hacked that by creating a dummy file and then uploading the files and then removing the dummy, as you can see in the history; but of course I see noone does it this way. Just can't get what is the normal way.

    I was not much worried, since various people figured, I guessed I would have figured it too, eventually. But I guess there is something I'm just not seeing somewhere and got tired to wait till I see it.

    I've actually not again worked to try to figure it out as I'm writing the reply to the AI bonuses, cept now I got to cont a save in lobby. 😮

    Also, it seems a bit slow on my end, so it would be crazy doing it that way with another map as that is so heavy I guess I will have to let it upload for some hours no stop. This one is just a very simple variant I'm trying to get there. Most likely it is something simple just like I'm not seeing something obvious.

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    Side note, since the history is silly, I want to delete that repository and redo another with the same name, from scratch. Would that be fine right?

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    Sorry if it sounded like it was urgent. I was just being angry, but it is not urgent, but yeah (it is a while now LOL). Mostly I find difficult to get back trying to figure it out at all because I just get angry at not understanding immediately.

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    @Cernel Oh, yeah you got the repo created and files uploaded. Yeah most folks use GitHub Desktop to push and pull updates with the github repo. Don't worry about the history. You can redo it but no real reason to.

    I would recommend making sure your repo ends up looking similar to @Frostion as he seems to have the process down pretty well:

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    I'm still blocked as being unable to do the first step, meaning I don't know how to do this:

    Definitely it is not possible with the basic things, because you cannot paste not zipped folders, but only the files in it, and only up to 100 at time. So, I guess you need to do it with GitHub Desktop.
    I've not actually tried again Desktop since I opened this topic.

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    I mean, yes, I could do it all the way I did it, by creating a folder with a dummy file and uploading up to 100 files at times, but I need to figure out how to do it the correct way, because it would be ridiculous to do it that way with some other maps then this simple one.

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    @Cernel Oh you used the github web interface instead of GitHub Desktop. I didn't realize that. Yeah, you want to use GitHub Desktop so you don't have the 100 file limit.

    Essentially, it should go something like:

    1. Open GitHub Desktop
    2. Clone the repo (only do this the first time)
    3. Click "Sync" button in upper right hand corner to make sure you have all the latest files on your PC
    4. Add/update/remove files with whatever editor/file system
    5. You should be able to see the changes in GitHub Desktop in the "Changes" tab (click it at the top)
    6. There you can select which changes you want to upload and add a message describing them
    7. Then click "Commit"
    8. Then click "Sync"
    9. Now navigate to your github repo in the web browser and you should see the uploaded files

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    I don’t know if you have overcome your hurdle @Cernel? I would like to help, but I used Git GUI not GitHub Desktop.

    When I uploaded Iron War I felt it was like a first time again, even though I had uploaded maps before. I keep forgetting how to do it, and I think it is a little difficult, so I made a little guide while doing it. I was thinking that it could maybe be made into a general guide for all first time map uploaders, or just something I could use myself in the future.

    It would be nice if you guys could take a look at the guide and see if it is suitable as a new upload guide we could post here at the forum. Please feel free to edit, fix procedure errors, fix strange language, clarify and improve anything you like. I copied the guide into this google doc, so hopefully you can all see and edit it and maybe expand it:
    (also, tell me if the link does not work)

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    @Frostion Oh, that looks great. 😮 I will do it that way then (but tx to @redrum too), so I will test your guide, as well, from the perspective of someone that doesn't know what to do.
    But, out of curiosity, since it seems there are different things to do the GitHub stuff, why not a suggested one of them all?
    For example, you use Git GUI instead of GitHub Desktop because you think it is better?

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    @Cernel I used it as it was the tool I knew. But I'm no experienced user.
    Maybe a guide here on the forum should have several tools included, or just the one that is easiest to use.

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    For example, you use Git GUI instead of GitHub Desktop because you think it is better?

    This totally depends on you.
    Some people like git as a command-line-tool others (like me) like advanced GUI-tools like git kraken, which makes it really easy to achieve what you want if you know what to do without having to know all the commands.
    I used GitHub Desktop for quite a while because it's easy to start with but some time later I realized the limited functionality so I switched.

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    Ok. I was able to do the stuff (I've still to ask to be added up) following your guide; so, congrats, this proves that your guide works fine with no need of knowing / remembering anything.
    I'm thinking to eventually update the Wiki as per your guide. A mapmaker should be able to do all reading only that, with no need of knowing anything else.
    But, beside the Wiki in Projects, what did you read to learn what to do? Did you just figure it all out by yourself? Mostly curious.

    EDIT: I think the only step missing is explaining where are you going to actually see the request to join (I still don't know if I have to look in my mail?). I guess it is already explained in the Wiki and I'm not seeing it right now.

    EDIT: Only one thing. Looks like blindly following your steps I deleted the README from my repository? Is that intended or I did something wrong? Also, I seem to understand that now they don't want anymore the transfer ownership but a request to the admins to fork (which I'm not sure what it means, I'm guessing it's like copy-paste of the repository).

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    README file: As far as I remember this file is made when you create a repository at your own space at Github. A box must be checked before pressing a button. I don’t think the file is used for anything, but it spells out the name of your map in big text, so I kind of like it. I don’t know how to make a new file if you did not make it when creating the repository.

    I can see that you have talked with DanVanAtta about how to do a first time upload. In regards to the map preview picture, I think I will move the one I have in Iron War in an “Extra” folder to a “description” folder beside “map” like in all my other maps. It is strange that there is not a standardized place to upload a preview picture, but to me it makes sense to have it near or in the map files.

    “they don't want anymore the transfer ownership but a request to the admins to fork” … I also don’t know what this means. My knowledge of GitHub corresponds to what is described in the guide. It would be great if we could get this in “simple and stupid” language so that the guide could be updated. I think it would be great if you can post the guide in the wiki. Optionally you could also add a description of how to use other tools – if you did not use Git GUI.

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