TripleA should have a feature to reset lobby password

  • I would like to change my TripleA lobby password. I was told that Prastle was the only one who could do that, but he said that it was impossible. I suggested that he could remove me as an account, and then I could create it again, but that was not so easy I understand. And he also noted that it was a good feature request. So that is what I am doing now. Please make a way to change the password to the TripleA lobby. I would also like to suggest where it should be. When we start the TripleA window, one of the buttons is "Play Online". That starts an other window. this is where I believe the "Change password" button should be.

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    IMHO you can use the Account - Update Account - feature to change your password:


    Simply enter the new password twice in the above dialogue.

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    For clarification: It's not possible to reset your password in case you forgot it without going through a tedious process

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