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    does "attackAA" have to be used if you only want "offensiveAttackAA" to work ? When I don't use it or set it to "0" or "-1" then it doesn't show up.
    If I set "attackAA" to "1" then it works.

    I tried the new "AA support" thingy but that didn't have any affect. I ended up making"attackAAmaxDieSides" = 144 so pretty low chance of it hitting. Hopefully that doesn't slow things up dice calc wise. Seemed ok in a mini test.

    Anyway, I'm trying to have Fighters and Tac Bombers target Cruisers and Battleships when they attack, but not have them shoot when being attacked by the CAs and BBs.

    This is what I have:

    Screenshot from 2019-03-19 21-00-04.png


    Also does the "number" in support AA refer to how many units it gives support too ? I have it at "99"
    Thanks again

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    @beelee Are you saying that if you set "offensiveAttackAA" without also having "attackAA", then "offensiveAttackAA" is ineffective?

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    @beelee If you only want AA rolls for the unit when attacking not defending then you need to set attackAA to 0 as it defaults to 1. Then set offensiveAttackAA to something greater than 0.

    Uh, I don't think there is any limit on max dice sides but you might want to try it with something smaller first.

    So your highlighted support attachment looks valid. It would make it so cruisers when on defense give -1 offensiveAttackAA to 99 enemy tact bombers and fighters.

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    Thank you. That's what I thought. I tried both suggestions earlier, but they didn't work.
    I must have missed something. I'll try again.

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    @beelee Ok. If you still have issues, posting your XML or map zip so I can take a look would help.

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    Well it's working now. Setting it to "0" was one of the first things I tired. I thought "this should be easy". : )
    Anyway I obviously had something else off.

    At least it made me research the new AA support : )

    Thanks again guys

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