Add Option for Major/Minor Nation System for All Territories

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    If I want all minor units of certain types to always transform to be owned by major nation in all territories then right now I need to add changeUnitOwners to every territory attachment. Add a simple boolean property that makes it so every territory defaults to checking for these for all players.

    Add new player attachment boolean option: giveUnitControlInAllTerritories. Setting this to true makes it so all territories will check if units should be given to another player. This is primarily just an XML short cut to avoid having to put the changeUnitOwners option on every territory when using major-minor nation system like in TWW.


    Can do this:

            <attachment name="playerAttachment" attachTo="French_Africa" javaClass="PlayerAttachment" type="player">
                <option name="giveUnitControl" value="France"/>
                <option name="giveUnitControlInAllTerritories" value="true"/>

    Avoids having to have this on every territory:

            <attachment name="territoryAttachment" attachTo="Morocco" javaClass="TerritoryAttachment" type="territory">
                <option name="production" value="2"/>
                <option name="changeUnitOwners" value="France:Germany:Austria-Hungary:Ottomans:Italy:Usa"/>           

    Still need to define which units will change ownership using canBeGivenByTerritoryTo:

        <attachment name="unitAttachment" attachTo="frenchInfantry" javaClass="games.strategy.triplea.attachments.UnitAttachment" type="unitType">
          <option name="movement" value="1"/>
          <option name="attack" value="2"/>
          <option name="defense" value="3"/>
          <option name="canBeGivenByTerritoryTo" value="France"/>

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    @redrum Now there's a nice short cut.

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