Operation Sea Lion & a successful Battle of Britain

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    Hello everyone I am a long time Axis & Allies player both the board game and on the TripleA format. I am a history graduate who produces content on Youtube during my spare time. I recently began to infuse Axis&Allies into some of my content, thought some of you might be interested.

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    @Götterdämmerung Cool. You may want to experiment with some of the more complex/larger ww2 maps as they probably will give a bit more realism and flavor.

  • Yeah, I have some idea's. I am particularly interested in the ancient maps since I a large part of my education was in the classics. TripleA has come a long way.

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    @Götterdämmerung Nice. I think 270BC is probably the most popular ancient era game on TripleA. The other one I've played a bit is Total Ancient War which is kind of a more complex/advanced game based on 270BC.

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    TripleA maps offer very little in the field of historical rehenactment, with hardly and arguably any exceptions, 270BC certainly being not one. Not trying to bash anyone; just making a good map is a bit of work, and most mapmakers I believe always tended to prioritize other aspects (which is totally fine and reasonable).

    Probably Total Ancient War is the one that cared the most about history, amongst the Ancient maps, but still I assume clearly not a priority.

    This said, if one just wants to make starting ownerships and production values more realistic, as well as changing territory and units names to be more correct, that is an easy modding or remaking, anyone can do; also adding units is fairly easy, except you need the graphic.

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    @Götterdämmerung I only saw the bird. 😉

    Great stuff.

  • Thank you all, TripleA maps offer little in the field of historical reenactment as Cernel said, but one thing I have noticed is how the original game (and versions close to it on TripleA) often have you enacting similar ww2 events. It's rather funny, lets say you play America (the old shuffle strategy in Algeria and up) or you play Germany (Operation Barbarossa) is inevitable. I made a video before talking about Japans two strategies presented prior to attacking the USA (Northern army strategy to attack Siberia vs Southern Navy strategy to attack the pacific islands), both of these play out in a normal game. In the end I think the original creators of Axis&Allies were pretty good at real WW2 military tactics and always found how game's play out interesting!

    Disclaimer: its not posted yet but there will soon be a video in which I used the idea "if the US never joined WW2". I used pact of steel 2 again and made the US isolate itself not influencing anything except for giving 6 dollars per turn to Britain (as the US was doing so in reality prior to ww2). Surprisingly, I won against the Hard Ai Axis haha, so those people who say the USSR could have eventually defeated Nazi Germany single handed will be happy.

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