PBEM Posting error

  • I was wondering if anyone her could offer advice why my opponent is unable to post his turn?
    From the conversation I've had with him, he's recently changed the password on his Gmail account but he has used the new password when trying to post his turn.
    He sent me a manual game save, which I was able to post just to myself. I haven't tried to post on his behalf as he's offline for the next 10 hours.
    I'm wondering if 2 factor authorisation might be the culprit in this situation.
    Suggestions or help would be most grateful.
    I've enclosed the screenshot he sent me.
    AAA Italian failed send.png

  • Admin

    Could be a number of things, any chance your opponent turned off "allow access of less secure apps"?
    In any case it's probably not us. The SMTP protocol is so old that every provider has their own way of securing it.

  • Thanks to Scouse for asking the question and RoiEX for answering

    The culprit was Avast anti virus

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