Revised Tournament of Champions (ToC 14) -- St. Nazaire Raiders !!

  • Frank-the-Tank (Allies) vs. LouisXIVXIV (Axis bid8): Despite a very good start for Allies (UK and USA in Pacific), Axis managed a great defensive game with both Germany and Japan. Germany built tons of troops and eventually took Russia while Japan resisted USA build up. Game was decided with the VC9 rule which I really hate, but nonetheless territory and PU advantage was too much for Allies to reverse over time. Well done LouisXIVXIV!

  • Barca defeats the Wasp (Axis +9) after 14 rounds of play. The game opened with the German bid being placed mostly in Europe. This elicited a classic defensive start for the allies. Good pressure from the Axis followed. The gamed ended with multiple pitched battles in the sea zones around the Suez cannel. 33% of the TUV came off the board in just 3 turns (England hit first, Japan countered, America finished). Fortunately for me, my dice were red hot and the axis were rolling bricks. Anything less and the outcome of this game would have been different.
    I want to thank the Wasp for a good game and a pleasant experience.


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