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    I am looking for players to make a play by forum or email game of Total World War. I would like to have every country played by a different player, if possible, meaning I would need up to six others. I am interested in playing as Italy. If you are interested, I guess say something here, I don't really know how it works to be honest.

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    @colin You probably want to include your experience level on TWW. Also, it will probably be easier to find a 1 on 1 game first where each person players all of the nations on each side. I think there are a group of TWW players that would like to try a team game but I think we'd want to make sure the teams are somewhat balanced.

    A team TWW has been discussed a few times including this thread: https://forums.triplea-game.org/topic/635/looking-for-pbem-players-for-tww-2-8-0-3

  • Thanks for the info. I have never played against other people which is why I thought it would be good to be Italy. But you're probably right about starting with 1v1. Is this the way to find someone then, make a post in the play by forum section?

    Thanks again, I have been asking a lot of questions lately and you all are pretty helpful.

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    @colin id be down to start a game my only problem is with order of losses. it can get complicated in this game and would prefer to at least do the battle phases in a real-time lobby game. at any rate im very new to this game as well so it should be a good game. 🙂

  • @ubernaut that'd be good, although I don't know how we'd determine what time to do the battle phases. Which one would you want to be?

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    @colin well people say there is an advantage to allies but allies are also a bit harder to play (Britain specifically, the other allies are actually kind of easier to play). i guess i should probably be axis since you will be able to see how the minor powers work by watching me before you have to play Britain. Unless of course you have apreference either way. 🙂

    regarding battle phases i think it may not be that hard since i work for myself from home im around a lot of the time.

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    Yeah, I never really understood how TripleA is even playable by mail when the casualties selection is not always obvious or almost so. Since you have to choose twice each combat round and can't go back if you mess it in the middle of combat, I don't get how people do it, unless like no competitivity.

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    Most of the time you can just give an Order of Losses (OOL) for any battle that isn't obvious at the start. Essentially you know the order you want to take casualties at the beginning of the battle. There are a few rare instances that you want to go round by round as it depends on how many hits each player gets to what casualties you'd select (happens more often in dice as LL has less variation). Most people either just post/email back and forth or jump into the lobby to run the battles.

    The sides are pretty even in v3.0.0.4 for experienced players (I personally think Axis might still have a slight advantage but some would disagree with me). For newer players, Allies are probably a bit easier as they mostly just have to defend where Axis need to play aggressively in the early rounds but depends on your style as UK is very challenging to play on the Allied side.

    Either way I suggest new players read the game notes about 5 times and read this strategy guide a few times: https://forums.triplea-game.org/topic/661/total-world-war-strategy-guide

    Also watching some TWW games in the lobby or looking through some of the PBF save games can be very helpful.

  • @ubernaut I'm ok with the allies. As for the losses, I would be willing to leave mine up to your discretion in most cases since I may not always be available when you want to do your turn, but I could make sure to do my turn at a time that works for you. If its not clear, maybe you could send an email or something?

    Also I've read the strategy guide that redrum posted and I've already played the game several times vs AI to see how it works, so I think I'm ready to give it a go.

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    @colin well regarding battle phases i don't think there's any rush the thing that takes a while is the move and purchase phases when one of us gets to a battle we can just try to coordinate the next time we can both do a few minutes of real time if it doesn't work we can always try something else but i can tell with my own order of losses the built-in auto selection rarely gets it the way i would like personally, a lot of the time its a judgment call on whether you think your opponent is committed to winning the battle or is just trying to strafe or weaken your position.

  • @ubernaut Yeah that makes sense I can probably find a few minutes here and there every day. It would be interesting if they came up with some kind of algorithm based on how battles actually went so it wouldn't be necessary to choose. Anyway, do you want to start the game then?

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    not sure its possible to make it work sometimes it's pretty good at choosing tho i will fire up a new game asap what is your email for the dice server?

  • @ubernaut spencercolin9@gmail.com and I believe I already registered. I am around tonight (or today depending on where you are) so I can do the battles pretty easily

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    @colin last day of the month so im a little busier than normal today i will try to get a game going asap possibly later today but for sure early (for me anyway) tomorrow if not today. i am in the PDT time zone (BST/GMT -7) where are you located in time?

  • @ubernaut no rush and I am in the central European time zone

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    @colin ok prob will work out good then because your early evenings are my late mornings and your late evenings are my early afternoons. im usually out doing chores from about 9pm your time to 11pm or so but around the rest of your evenings. btw you have any preference for games options? here is how i am currently running things in my own practice games:


    but there is a bug which is causing my notifications to just come up blank right now so ill be deactivating that option as well.

  • @ubernaut looks fine to me

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  • I was interested in that too, but thread quite old

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    @Roman-Dumych i'd offer a game but one game of TWW at a time is abt perfect for me. 🙂

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