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    I have a Wireless router, and the LAN should be accessable. My computer uses as the default host address, however, folks using my LAN see the address as, which is the loopback address. Changing it on the user's address in "Connect to Networked Game" does not work. Anyone know what is missing here?

  • Anyone attempting to connect to a LAN hosted game sees as the server address. You can change what is displayed to something else, but the internals seem to always override back to! Frustrating.

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    Hmm usually it should prefer ip Adresses in the local network over loopback addresses.
    This probably indicates that triplea is unable to find that address for whatever reason.
    I'll think about that for a bit. I'm not sure if we can fix the algorithm (we can't control how java finds the networking card), but allowing to enter a custom ip seems like a reasonable feature to add.

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    @Michael-Vitale Is port 3300 open? Maybe a firewall blocks incoming/outgoing connections on port 3300.
    (Assuming you did not change the default port when setting it up.)

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