Scheduled Maintenance in June

  • Admin

    In order to fix the MDS (ZombieLoad) CPU vulnerability, our server hoster will restart a couple of our servers in the coming two weeks.
    The planned schedule is as follows:

    • 2019-06-25 3:00:00 AM UTC - TripleA-Forum
    • 2019-06-27 2:00:00 AM UTC - bot35_frankfurt_de
    • 2019-06-29 1:00:00 AM UTC - bot55_london_uk
    • 2019-07-01 5:00:00 PM UTC - bot65_tokyo_jp
    • 2019-06-26 4:00:00 AM UTC - PreRelease

    They are scheduling a downtime window of 2 hours but assume the actual downtime will be much less.
    The servers should start the bots again on their own automatically, but we had some issues in the past with this process (which hopefully should be fixed by now, but you never know), so we might be short on a couple of bots for some time in the worst case (for me this time window is somewhat in the middle of the night, so I can't stay up that late on a weekday, hopefully one of the other devs can have a look at this).

    Sorry for the inconvinience

  • @RoiEX
    No reason to be sorry : )

    Be a good test to see if they fire up anyway 🙂

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