How to modify mouseover tooltip duration in battle calc screen?

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    Playing a game of Battle for arda; when I load up the battle calc screen, and mouseover one of the units in the battle calc screen, it shows all their abilities and such, but it only lasts a few seconds, which isn't enough time to read all the fancy abilities. Is there a way to modify how long the tooltip lasts? I looked in the engine settings, but couldn't find such an option.

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    @zlefin I think there is not. It would be opportune having both that and a setting for how long you need to wait until it pops up in the first place (I wouldn't mind it to be faster in a unknown map in which I want to use this feature often, Battle for Arda being a perfect example).

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    @zlefin @Cernel @redrum
    I dont have access to test it (no PC at the moment), but if I recall correctly, you can mouseover and then slightly move the mouse pointer around every 1-2 seconds, while inside the boundaries of the unit picture, that way keeping the pop-up alive.

    Anyway... a good solution/engine fix could be a to have the pop-up stay popped up by default until the mouse is moved like 10-15 pixel or something?

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