Best WWII map to learn against AI?

  • Hi all. I'm new to A&A and TripleA but have already spent ~20 hours playing WWII Revised against the hard AI. I have been playing mostly as Russia which seems the least complicated faction to manage.

    The more I play A&A, the more it becomes apparent that the game is much deeper than it seems at first sight, in terms of strategy / counter-strategy etc. Since it will take a lot of time and effort to learn a particular variant I'm looking for advice on which version of the game to focus on.

    Based on what I have read it looks like Revised or v5 would be most suitable for a beginner playing against the AI. What do you think?

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    @FishyFingers probably revised 🙂 once you get more used to the basic concepts you should play or observe versus a human player, then try the more complicated rule sets, imo.

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    @FishyFingers Yeah, revised, anniversary (v3), or v5 are good starter maps. Once you have a good feel for one of those you can consider moving to Global 40 which is probably the most popular at this point.

  • Thanks guys. I will stick with revised.

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