Germany's Iron War music

  • Music_Germany_13_3... is this an excerpt from a movie soundtrack, a real song, or something developed specifically for the game? It really sounds familiar and I can't seem to figure out how in the world I'd find out other than simply asking here. Thanks!

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    @Mike-Baker Bump @Frostion is the map maker

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    @Mike-Baker Iron War uses a mix of “real” historical / national orchestral music from the different countries as well as random music I found on the WWW. I would say that it is about 50/50 real historical music mixed with new music from various sources. Besides me tracking down national anthems and military marches and such, I used a lot of time searching for like Indian style/themed orchestral music, Asian style music etc. I didn’t really keep track on where exactly I found the music, but it is from places like YouTube, free game resource sites, free music sites, sites that listed the music files of old computer games etc.
    To me the Music_Germany_13_3 sounds like some kind of game music. I really can’t remember where I found it.

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