Where is Airborne Combat Described?

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    Hi. I can't figure out how to execute Airborne Combat or increased Factory Production. Can someone point me? Thanks!

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    @MartyMoose Hi Marty

    Those are activated with "technologies". You can use "edit" to activate them deliberately if you want.

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    I need to form better questions. I realize these are technologies. I have activated them to see what they do. I don’t see a change in the price of land units and I can’t figure out how to use the bomber to move troops, much less engage them in battle. My question is how do I use these techs after they are activated. I’m hoping to use them as handicaps when experiences players play learners.

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    @MartyMoose Ah. Can you specify which map you are playing? Also, in some maps the technologies you research aren't activated til the following turn. For Airborne Combat, you generally just select the bomber in a territory with valid units that can paradrop and it'll prompt you to "load" units.

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    @MartyMoose Cheaper land units are v1 and v2. From v3, you cannot have that, but you can increase the number of units you can place.

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    @MartyMoose I'm assuming you are playing "World War II Global 1940 2nd Edition", but let us know, so we are sure to be on the same page.

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    yea if you're playing "Global 40" then the airborne tech uses the airfields to move the units not the bombers. I think you get a prompt asking what you want to attack at the beginning of combat or maybe combat move

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    Thanks all.
    I’m using Global 50 Canadian Mod w Combat first.
    I couldn’t figure out avow to move infantry as paratroopers.
    Ok, no reduced price makes sense. Rules are rules. I’ll look to see if there is a file that can be edited, but I’d imagine the prices are.... global 🙂
    Another question, outside of using edit, how do I move infantry with armor?

    Much appreciated,

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    @MartyMoose Global 50

    No wonder the Canadians are going first 🙂 Yea you need to activate "Tech Development" in "Map Options" before you start the game or it will skip the tech phase. I don't remember tanks being able to move infantry. I thought it was they could just blitz with 2 mechs or maybe mech boost the inf ?

    Anyway, just click on both and move them together and see what happens : )

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