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    I'm working on a number of lobby updates to modernize how the lobby is written. We'll gain some backend benefits and compatibility should be easier to maintain between the game-client and lobby. With the updates I hope to fix the 'game ghosting' problem.

    There should not be a whole lot changing other than the backend technology mostly being swapped out. One thing that would be more user facing is we could 'replay' some of the recent chat history. I'm thinking when you join you can see the chat history from the previous minute. Maybe it would be better if it were the previous five minutes?

    I'm trying to keep the changes limited, one area of functionality to migrate over is the "lobby" rules, I'm thinking it may make sense to do a one-time, first-time pop up telling users the rules, and have people check a checkbox they would abide by them.

    I'm curious how the above sounds, again I'll try to keep the 'scope' pretty much limited to replacing existing functionality. Beyond the slight changes mentioned, I'm also curious if there are any brief ideas of things that people would really want to see.

    So far my wish list is:

    • player stats, right click player names to see how many games they've played, against whom, and which game round was the last round played. EG: "LaFayette" (Allies) vs "Player1" (Axis) Round 12; Map: WaW; Allies TUV: 1000, Axis TUV: 900
    • show dice options in lobby table, eg: Dice or LL, as a column.

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    @LaFayette all neat ideas. I like them all. Is it also possible to put a time in of how long it has been played? In actual time not time date.

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    @LaFayette Another feature request by many players for years was an actual timer that showed how long a player took to make their move.

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    @redrum yup forgot we still had that kicking around 🙂

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