Undocumented Chat Features

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    You can choose either to ignore completely or ignore slaps only.

    @Cernel If slaps were rate limited, would the ignore-slap be that useful? Giving more options can be less.

    The ignored user can see who is ignoring it at the moment, and mods can de-ignore themselves (to be used not privately but only if they need to officially address the user that it is ignoring them).

    @Cernel not bad ideas, incorporating them is more than what I'm going for in this iteration. At first I'm going for feature-parity, not to lose any features, which means rebuilding all existing features. Removing unused features or features that are just very marginally useful means that effort will go smoother and future efforts to build such features as you have suggested would also be faster and less likely to be buggy (and any other future chat updates)

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    @Cernel also that's a pretty standard chat feature almost everything has that.

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