Global 1940 2nd ed. questions

  • A few questions about this map:

    There's an option for a human player to play the Dutch, and Dutch territories are orange on the map. However, when The Netherlands/Belgium is liberated, the Dutch don't appear as a faction as the French do when France is liberated. So what's the point?

    Similarly, what's the point of assigning player control to neutrals? They never seemingly get to control their forces. Thanks in advance.

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    @Jim-Jimjim do they even have any actual units? I think they are just there to provide a national objective and also to have production that isnt going to either side in the begining. the reason you want them on neutral (does nothing) is so you don't have click through your turn i suppose.

  • No units. If you choose for them to be controlled by a player, you don't even have to click through. It just skips. Does anyone know of any mods that makes at least the Dutch playable? Irl, they had small fleets.

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    @Jim-Jimjim Yeah, for global 40 2nd they literally don't do anything and the map should really just be updated to hide those players all together from the setup screen.

    I'm not aware of any global 40 mods that make dutch playable but there are plenty of other TripleA maps like World At War that have full dutch player.

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    This question keeps resurfacing once every couple of years or so...

    @Jim-Jimjim To give more contest to what @redrum correctly said, back when this map was made TripleA didn't have the feature of hiding players that never actually play. So, there are simply no reasons for the last 5 listed so called players (TripleA calls the powers/countries/factions as "players" and the actual players as "type") to be offered as playable powers to the users, beside the fact that:
    1- when this map was made, there was no way not to have players selectable, and
    2- so far, nobody updated it.

    Anyone can now pull an update to that game (and preferably all of its many mods and variants), to hide (and preferably also assign to the nothing AI) all the players there is no point assigning.

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