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    @Götterdämmerung Great video and cool youtube channel. If you have any feedback on TripleA just let us know!

    If you are interested in maps that are a bit more complex and realistic to the historical situations, you may want to take a look at these:

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    I strongly suggest to increase your "Font Size" (I've it set at 24). In my opinion, TripleA comes default with a too small size, but, anyways, it is not very easy to read the stack numbers on your playthrough, even at 1080p quality.

    Some points, specifically for the "World War II Revised" game (also excluding the LHTR mod of the same map):

    • Transports can also transport 1 infantry and 1 aaGun.
    • It is not completely correct to say that "whatever gets hit by a "first strike", from a submarine, is not able to defend itself", as an undamaged battleship can.
    • It is your aaGun units, not your factory units, that make the Rocket strikes on enemy factories. Also, it is not automatic nor completely free a move, as for that you lose the ability to move the aaGun, on the same turn.
    • Referring to naval bombardment targets, you said "any of those units", but, by correct intended rules, you cannot hit air units with naval bombardment (so, for example, you can naval bombard nothing if the territory is defended only by air units, possibly with aaGuns). However, you were right as far as TripleA goes, as this game behaves wrongly on this matter, allowing you to hit air units with naval bombardment, while it shouldn't (in this game).
    • Heavy Bombers roll 2 dice only when attacking or bombing, not just in general (not when defending).
    • When you mentioned the best of 2 dice, referring to other games, that is how it is supposed to work for the two "World War II v3" games (1941 and 1942), except that it doesn't work that way for bombing raiding, in TripleA: those games behave wrongly on this matter, adding 1 to the damage determined by the highest of the two dice rolled (this is how heavy bombers correctly behave in "World War II Revised LHTR").
    • When you mentioned the best of 2 dice, you generally made the example that you take the highest one, without specifying that is the case for bombing raiding only, as, when attacking, instead, you take the lowest one.

    Maybe @Panther wants to check I didn't say anything wrong.

    Side note, at 26:59 you sent a bomber alone to attack a stack of 5 transports (if I'm reading the stack numbers correctly). I assume you got confused with later WWII games, featuring defenceless transports, also since you risked a flyover for that too.

    Feel free to copy or reformulate these points wherever you want, with no need of attribution.

  • @Cernel Haha you saw that bomber at the end, I was aware just sacrificing. Good points, I think I will target WW2 V3 1941 next and correct all of this. Kicking myself especially for not mentioning the LHTR mod.

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    @Götterdämmerung Sexcellent Job! 🙂

  • welcome aboard!

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    Also the fact that you had to tell all the units in "Unit Help" are the same, just repeated over and over again, felt honestly dumb on the side of TripleA.

    A new user is presented with a serie of tables, and he has to find out by himself that they are all exactly the same, which is a little hard if you consider that there may be maps with similar, yet not identical, frontiers.

    If several (or even all, as it is the case for almost all basic games) players share the same production frontier, the "Unit Help" table should rather give all of them in a single table, with the various unit images one beside another in the same row, before the "Name" column. That would make the most sense, and would also present the Unit Help table much better, also dimensionally for the screen.

    Meaning in Unit Help having not 1 table per player but 1 table per production frontier, with as many "Unit" columns as the number of players sharing that frontier.

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