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    @Hepps Do I need to use a tool to adjust unit placement or can I simply change the coordinates in the place.txt file? Also, if the later is possible, what are the horizontal and vertical offsets that should be used.
    I'm trying to rework the placement in Germany (based on the G40CanadianMod's map and place. txt file, but I'm not having much luck; as nothing seems to be changing.

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    @Stohrm in the TripleA Map Creator (that is not a map creator) you will find utilities for defining unit images coordinates both automatically and manually, respectively called "Run the Automatic Placement Finder" and "Run the Placement Picker". In your case, I believe you want to use the second one.

  • @Cernel Thanks. However, the reason nothing was happening was due to the fact that I was making changes to the wrong file; right name, wrong directory. I see that I can just change things in the (right) place.txt file and I will figure out the proper offsets (probably 36 ea.).

    I'm deducing that, if I want the harbour, factory and airfield in specific locations then, I should place those structures first and have those coordinates be the first three in the series.

    Luckily the learning curve is not super steep. I just wish I'd run into less of the later when it comes to trial and "error(s)".

  • My deductions were incorrect and I have yet to figure out why infantry are placed first, but I will. Changing the placement order for Germany had no effect. Changing the unitList order had no effect. Next in line is the Unit Production Cost ordering; as I do know that effects how they appear in the Purchase window.

  • That didn't work either, but I was in error regarding it effecting the purchase screen. I now recall that the ProductionFrontier is what controls that; and one can have it different for each faction. However it does not appear to control unit placement; as Infantry is still being placed first.

    It's getting late though, so I'll have to return to the search tomorrow.

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    @Stohrm What exactly is it you are trying to achieve?

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