Broken Mods in Scenario Repository

  • There are 2 broken mods in the scenario repository, Global 1940 Redesign HouseRules and
    New World Order 1915Lebowski. I have fixes for both and tried loading the fix for Lebowski without effect. Is someone keeping the Repository up to date, so users don't download broken mods?

    I also have plenty of mods not that I have collected that are not in the repository.

  • Admin

    The hope was that we'd have an army of map owners/makers taking care of the maps in repositories. In practice the maps in repository tend to be a last step and a bit of 'fire and forget'. That is not the case for all maps, there are some certainly being actively maintained, though that can't be said for the bulk as we have over a hundred and just a few people maintaining the whole project (code, servers, maps).

    If you have fixes, it would be great to see them get uploaded, let us know where you are running into trouble and/or what you are trying.

    Any scenarios you have that can be uploaded are certainly very welcome additions.

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