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  • I just started my first PBEM game, very new to the forum/online scene. It is very frustrating that I cannot send the game file with one click in the game. Any suggestions for me? It wont accept my username/password but I know they are correct...

  • did you check the help button right next to pbem mode? there is a special port needed. That was a mistake I did before.

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    So what do you actually want to do? Do you want to play using the forum (Play by Forum), posting the turns and the savegames there or do you want to exchange savegames by Email?

    In case you want to play by forum, you need to fill out this:
    The Topic Id is the number of your game thread on the forum.
    Login/Password are those you use to login to the forum.

    In case you want to play by email you need to fill out this:
    Provider is Generic SMTP or something preconfigured depending on your mail provider.
    Subject is anything referring to your game, e.g. the Topic Id.
    To is your opponent's mail address
    Login is your login you have once set up with your email provider to access your mail account.
    Password is your password you have set up with your email provider to access your mail account.
    Host and Port are details provided by your email provider for sending emails.

    So be sure to have that configured correctly according to what you want to do.

    Please ask back in case of further questions.

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    hmm...maybe it doesn't work 4 the anti-christ ? The Lord does work in mysterious ways 🙂

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