Apologies and Thanks to regularkyd

  • Reg,

    I wanted to thank you for taking the time to join our game the other day and introduce yourself as one of the creators for the balanced mod map. Mcfight and I have been playing axis since we were 15 (sad to say 40 years ago) and since that time have played a few variations. We found the balanced mod very entertaining and want to be truly clear about that.

    Your offer to answer our questions and even run a game with us simultaneously as you were in another game was so welcomed that we decided to end our current game and go into one with you in the hopes of learning some things we had not thought of since we could not figure out how to win as the axis.

    We were so grateful, but I must apologize. I only agreed to play with mcfight that day if he were able to be patient with me since I had a lot going on at the house and would be playing slow. So when you agreed to give us a game (I was overexcited and not thinking clearly) I never should have agreed to play. But I was selfish. I wanted to play with you and convinced myself that when you said we would have to be patient with your slow play (since you were in two games) it would be ok. It didnt enter my mind that you would end the other game and then become inpatient with our slow play. That was why I called the game. It wasn’t that I thought you were rude, it wasn’t because I had "seen what I wanted to see" (you accused me of this since we were on turn two) it was purely because I did not want to continue to frustrate you with slow play.

    I am writing this here in the hopes you see it and understand my dilemma at that time. I realize you gave up another game to play with us faster. But I had no idea you were doing that. And when you made a few comments like "torture waiting 10 mins" because we didn't know the rule about flying over certain territories" I felt bad because apparently we didn't even understand all the rules. I really did not want to waste anymore of your time after that until I reread the rulz and made sure that at the very least I would know how to play the game legally.

    I hope you will give us another chance to complete that game. Because despite the interesting moves you made we were very interested in playing it out and using our skillz to counter your moves. We normally do not play unless we can focus on the game and like I said we never should have taken the game against you that day and had we not felt so excited to play someone other than ourselves and a game creator to boot.. well. Our excitement got away from us.

    Email me dr_hands@msn.com if you're willing to continue our game or play another. I will coordinate a time that allows us all to focus 100% on the game.


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    Just to be sure that 'regularkid' reads your open letter, let me tell you, that he is not a member of this forum (at least not under this name), but you can contact him here:
    I suggest that you contact him over there, maybe by PM. 🙂

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    Maybe being a (not banned) forum member should be a requirement for being part of the project as a mapmaker or whatever. The first thing Bung told me was to make an account at the WarClub.

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