Existing A.I options and A.I modding

  • I'm looking for a good grand strategy game on top of which I can develop an A.I system. As such, being an open source game, tripleA sounds like a good candidate. As I'm not an experienced player, I have some questions about the existing A.I as well as the possible approaches that can be taken for developing a new A.I.
    I am interested in knowing about the strength of current A.I implementations, how they perform vs human players, and also about their implementations (Are A.I decisions hard-coded? Is A.I based on any algorithm? etc).
    Is there any API for A.I development?

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    @felizardo The current best TripleA AI is called the "Hard AI". It is decent I would say and can challenge newer or average players but can't compete with expert players. It is based on using the battle calculator to simulate results and it tries to optimize TUV trades and acquiring more territories and production. I would recommend reviewing this thread to start: https://forums.triplea-game.org/topic/105/ai-development-discussion-and-feedback

    TripleA is written in Java and generally you could either create an AI from scratch by implementing/overriding all of the method in AbstractAI: https://github.com/triplea-game/triplea/blob/master/game-core/src/main/java/games/strategy/triplea/ai/AbstractAi.java. Or you could work on improving the current AI.

    I would recommend playing against the AI on some maps to get a feel for how well it performs and its weaknesses.

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    @redrum I wouldn't say Hard AI can currently challenge "average" players on any balanced game. Not trying to denigrate the AI or whoever is challenged by it, just adding my opinion that a player needs to be significantly under average and, of course, what is "average" is a vague guess anyway.

    Of course, I said balanced, so, if you are challenged while, say, playing the Axis without bid on WWII Classic against Hard AI Allies, that's a different matter, as the game is highly in favour of the Allies.

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    Though, on a second thought, no-politics all-war FFA are games in which average players can actually be seriously challenged by Hard AI. Not actually sure why, but it definitely feels like it. So, yeah, in my previous post I was only thinking about 1v1 games, actually, that are the "normal" games around here.

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    @Cernel It was meant to be fairly vague but I guess I mean more of the "average human" not "average TripleA player" as most people the frequently play TripleA tend to be fairly good at strategy games.

  • Thank you very much! Your replies were really informative.

  • @felizardo You should also check out the Fast AI. It plays almost as well and it usually much faster.

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