Bots all crashed!

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    I would like to thank all Devs for their hard work personally and ty @Frostion for adding the new topic. That being said Linode did emergency service work last night and the lobby Reloaded by herself with the new Infra after Linode rebooted it. (Well done SIRS!) Interestingly only two bot servers reconnected and only 2 and 1 bot to be specific. All bot servers reconnected after a long parse with a reboot of each bot server from linode directly. (ONCE AGAIN WELL DONE SIRS!) My ? here for the future is this. Is there anyway to make it fully automatic in case we are all AFK or sleeping? @LaFayette @redrum @RoiEX

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    2.0 might behave a bit differently as the connection to lobby has been re-written. Perhaps it's a solved problem in the latest code.

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    @LaFayette cool! I guess we shall see. Either way this was way better than the last crash. Great Stuff!

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