Unit limit not in effect during pregame placements?

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    Is it possible to have the engine altered so that the player/unit attachment “placementLimit” to also be in effect under pregame placements?

    It seems this is not the case at the moment, right?

    Even writen playerAttachments in XML does not prevent a player from placing several units of an otherwise restricted unit.

    I can’t see a reason for the current behavior, as a set allowed max number limit in a territory should obviously also be a rule under pregame placements(?)

    Right now it is possible to place several of this unit in the same territory during pregame placements:

    <attachment name="unitAttachment" attachTo="Flag" javaClass="games.strategy.triplea.attachments.UnitAttachment" type="unitType">
                <option name="isInfrastructure" value="true"/>
                <option name="isConstruction" value="true"/>
                <option name="constructionType" value="Flag"/>
                <option name="maxConstructionsPerTypePerTerr" value="1"/>
                <option name="constructionsPerTerrPerTypePerTurn" value="1"/>

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    @Frostion You mean bid placement? If so, I disagree, generally. The bid is for modifying the starting state of the game, it is not really a "placement" phase.

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    @Cernel But I might agree if the unit cannot go there in any possible ways, under whatever rules the game is subjected to (movementLimit, attackingLimit, placementLimit, and so on). For example, being unable to have more than 1 aaGun in the same territory in WWII Classic (meaning unable to add to the starting setup any aaGun in territories already having them as well as unable of placing more than one into the same territory, otherwise). However, I think this would be very challenging to implement. This on the assumption that the starting setup conceptually implies the game having played until the start of round 1, reaching that state of the game not only by placements, but also by movements, battles and whatever else.

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    then let me rephrase ☺
    Is it possible to have the engine altered so that all the "stacking limits" that that the unit/player has, also be in effect under pregame placements?

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