World War 2: Path to Victory - NOW AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD

  • Adam514 and I are excited to announce the map we have been working on for the last several weeks together has been released and is available for download on TripleA! WW2 Path to Victory.

    Using World War II Global 1940 Balanced Mod as a launching point, Path to Victory seeks to breathe new life into the World War 2 genre with a number of changes and gameplay enhancements:

    • A redrawn Pacific theater that puts critical islands at the intersection of Sea Zones, boosting their inherent strategic worth and encouraging island trading.

    • A redrawn Russia that offers more distinct and alternative approaches to taking down (and defending) the Motherland, including multiple points of engagement (not just a single retreating/advancing stack).

    • A scorched earth dynamic, whereby original Soviet factories are destroyed upon capture by the Axis, evoking Germany's stretched supply lines in the later stages of Barbarossa.

    • A redrawn China that gives Japan a real fight, and a real choice between cleaving close to the coast or risking a protracted fight in China's heartland.

    • Updated unit mechanics, including carriers that can scramble aircraft to adjacent battles (a mechanic also found in Total World War), mechs that are supported by tanks, and reduced cost for underutilized naval units.

    These changes build upon the enhancements already found in G40 Balanced Mod, including marines, Vichy France, Chinese guerilla fighters, etc., to create a fun and engaging World War II strategy gaming experience, which we look forward to sharing with all of you!

    Russia.png China.png Pacific.png

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    @Joe-G For historicity, Leningrad should not connect with Archangel and Volodga. This can be done by creating a huge impassable lake in between (extending the already existent one). If you are positive making this change, I can upload al the needed elements here.

    Another thing, based on what I have, is that the main harbours of Italy were in Northern Italy, not Southern Italy (but both should be able to repair ships, unless maybe if they are very damaged).

    I tend never to play any game starting before mid 1941, and the reason for this is that, in such games, typically either you have something like WaW, in which Germans attacks France and Russia at the same time (then, what's even the point of calling it WW2) or (and I agree this is better) you have a game like WW2 Global or this one, in which politics or triggers, or both, somehow delay hostilities between Germans and Russians. The problem I see with this last case is that, if the Germans are normally going to push well into the Russians territory, hence having the forces to do so, the Russians player will most likely just move away all or almost all of its forces, thereby the first phases of "Barbarossa" will be the Germans just walking into a deserted territory, eventually all ending up in huge stacks facing each other, at whatever points the Russians may reasonably make a stand. This, as much as it can be argued it is what the Russians should have done, is about the exact opposite as what the Russians did.

    In any case, I think this one is considerably better than WW2 Global, also on the visual (better map details and thicker borders), and generally quite better in the drawing of zones, especially in Asia. Considering the shortcomings of Global and it's popularity, something like this modification was a long time coming. We'll see how it will fare in popularity with respect to the original, and best wished about it.

  • @Cernel thanks for you your encouraging words Cernel. We gave you a shoutout in game notes. 🙂

    Regarding the lake, Adam and I talked about it pretty extensively after our short playtest with you. We found in subsequent playtests that the desired siege dynamic did sometimes emerge around Leningrad, without the lake being redrawn, which was nice. If we ever do a Europe specific map, the geographic realities surrounding Leningrad.

    In the meantime, Adam and I look forward to playing you again soon. Thanks again for all your help.

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    The first thing that struck me is that Sicily and Southern Italy are land connected. I believe they shouldn't be. Also historically, when the Allied invaded the peninsula in september 1943, they had to mount a sea borne operation, the main force landing at Salerno (not near the strait of Messina). I don't think having Sicily changed much of that, beside denying any threat from there and facilitating air support.

  • Are you guys going to fix technology option for this? Thanks, great map!

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