Russia Can't Attack First Rule

  • Hi, I have a feeling this is a common question.. I searched through the forum and the guide but couldn't find anything, sorry if this is a duplicate post. Is there a way to set it so Russia is unable to attack first? I haven't noticed the option in any of the maps.

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    Hi Carey welcome to the site !

    Which game were you thinking of ? If a player isn't at war they can't attack. At least as far as i know, there may be some maps that allow that, but I'm not familiar with them if so : )

  • Hi, Thank you @beelee!

    I am using the WWII Classic 3rd Edition Maps. It's a common house rule to not allow Russia to attack in the first round.

    I can see how my initial post wasn't very clear on that.

  • @Carey-Drake

    Ahh...yea, I got ya now. Took us a while to figure that out when we first played it : )
    Not saying for you guys 🙂 Anyway, you have to alter the game xml. Pact of Steel 2 explains how to do that. It's kinda involved though so...oh you'd have to add politics. Hmm...that seems a lot of work.

    I can't think of any other way though. Player enforced probably easiest, unless you want to dive in to the xml world.

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    @Carey-Drake You could simply make it so that Russia has no combat move on it's first turn.

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    @Carey-Drake said in Russia Can't Attack First Rule:

    Hi, Thank you @beelee!

    I am using the WWII Classic 3rd Edition Maps. It's a common house rule to not allow Russia to attack in the first round.

    I can see how my initial post wasn't very clear on that.

    The actually not only popular but even official Russia Restricted option has never been added to any WWII Classic TripleA games, as far as I know. Moreover, it cannot even be added, as TripleA doesn't support user customization of phases (it could be hacked in a number of ways).

    The only proper way to do it, code-wise, short of changing the program, would be having a mod of the game in which there is not a Combat Move phase for Russians on round 1, but that would turn what is supposed to be an option into a game, thus would be likely confusing.

    Assuming you are playing against an AI playing as Russians, the only thing you can do, as a user, is to assign Russians to yourself, buy all infantry and skip the Combat Move phase, then save the game and reload it, assigning Russians to the AI (this way, Russians will be unable to have the chance to buy technology, but I guess they would not do it anyway, while an all infantry purchase is arguably the best choice for the AI).

  • Thanks for the suggestions. I am playing with AI so it looks like I may have to go the route of starting a new game after the first round.

  • @Carey-Drake sorry for the late check in, but there is a mod in the WWII Classic 3rd Edition Maps called 'Classic: Iron Blitz 3rd Edition' that has the option to restrict Russia's first movement. Check it out to see if this is what you are talking about.


  • @wc_sumpton That's great to hear. When I look at map options for Classic Iron Blitz: 3rd Edition, I don't see anything in Map Options. Is there somewhere I need to get the mod?


  • @Carey-Drake by selecting 'Movement By Territory Restricted' will limit the Russian Player's first turn movements.


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    @wc_sumpton I see you are right.

    I said that this option could have been hacked in a number of ways, and it looks like it has already been. This mod starts as default with Russians having a series of movement restrictions, then clearing all them and setting the Type to disallowed before the "Combat" phase of the first Russians turn.

    Beside the fact that the "Classic: Iron Blitz 3rd Edition" mod is much redundant with respect to the fact that many of its options are already available in regular 3rd Edition, so I've doubts that this mod should even exist at all, instead of just the 3rd Edition having all the "Iron Blitz" options available (and, if it should, then it should be part of the World War II Classic map itself, which it isn't featuring it), this (the fact that the "Iron Blitz" mod is, apparently, the only one offering the "Russia Restricted" option) doesn't make any actual sense, as the Russia Restricted option is actually supposed to be an option for all Classic games since the 2nd Edition (so nothing specifically to do with any "Iron Blitz" related modding).

    CC: @redrum @LaFayette @RoiEX @Panther for the incongruencies I'm pointing out.

    I also see that the "Classic: Iron Blitz 3rd Edition" mod is forcing you to play with the additional "marine" and "destroyer" units. @wc_sumpton Since I cannot see a way not to have such units (is there any?), with also the added wierdness that you have an option called "Use Destroyers and Artillery", while "destroyer" is already in the game regardless, I suppose that, if he wants to play by regular 3rd (or 2nd) edition rules, with the Russia Restricted option only on top of them (thus without marine and destroyer), this mod is not a solution for him. Am I right?

    I also see that there is a "Classic: Iron Blitz 2rd Edition" mod too. Assuming "2rd" means "2nd", I can only guess this is a mod of the mod (Iron Blitz) of the mod (3rd Edition) of the the original Classic game reintroducing general 2nd Edition rules back together with the "Iron Blitz" specials (for example, having 2nd Edition rules but also having the marine and destroyer units). This seems very weird to me, if I'm even correctly understanding the matter (and, on top of this, the TripleA program is not fully implementing and distinguishing 2nd and 3rd Edition Classic rules, anyway).

    Does TripleA actually need 4 different versions of Classic? Is this confusing to me only?

    Also, is it correct that in "Iron Blitz" you must play with the additional "marine" and "destroyer" units (they are a default element of the game, as a change from the 3rd Edition before Iron Blitz)? Is adding "marine" and "destroyer" the only one difference between the original 3rd Edition and the Iron Blitz sub-version of the same? I think so, but not sure.

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